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I continue to press on!

I am going on my 3rd and final week of my church’s spiritual 21 day fast. The purpose and focus of the fast is to eliminate things that are of temptation and/or distraction to your life that take away from the things that are truly important in your life, and replace those temptations and distractions with scripture.


My major temptation is anything sugary (juice, sweets) and my distraction is social media. As I have done a church fast in the past I always took away the temptation of sweets/juice out during my fast and replaced with drinking water. This time around, being more mature and wiser, I do that again but for the means to represent purifying my body of those toxins.

With social media, I have definitely set back on, not being drawn into what other things are posted and losing focus with what’s going on around me. I do have to use social media with my job having to post weekly updates, but I will not use that as an excuse.

With me being AWARE of my own temptations/distractions during this fast, it has caused me to be SOOOOO much more connected to what I should be doing, reading more scripture, spending more time with my family, talking more to God and having God speak to me on what His will is for me. With those distractions/temptations, it can get LOUD and you miss what God is trying to tell you UNLESS  you refuse to be get drawn in!

I have had many temptations around me in these past 2 weeks, cupcakes, lemon zucchini frosted bread, chocolate, you name it, being offered, or simply just there in front of me. The urge was there, but the strength to say no was even stronger. With the strength I have built this far, I continue to feel great! I have lost over 4lbs since January 7th. Although I am happy with those results thus far, that is not where my joy is, my joy is that I made time to do better for myself overall. To find more balance in my life and draw closer to God.

Looking forward to this upcoming week!


Current Point

So some of you may remember I took myself through a 4 week challenge where I completely eliminated juice because that was my go to beverage for everything And all I was doing was basically drinking sugar day in and day out. I made it a discipline To allow myself the time to purify and change the way I thought about my wants and needs.

Before starting that challenge, it was way deeper than that because I had to understand that that place I was in 2017, where I was battling so many things, was the foundation of my reality and once I recognized that, that’s when my change started to occur. Not physically….but mentally. I want people to understand that the foundation of my reality wasn’t because I knew I was out of shape and needed to get it back together, it was realizing WHY I got out of shape, everything that led me to that point.

Because I allowed myself that time to change my thought process, where I am currently, I have been able to re-introduced juice back in but very sparingly. My palette is so charged toward water or tea, that my urge for juice is no longer. I have been working very hard up to this point and will continue to make some tweaks in no rush. 

I wanted to share with others who may be going through the same thing or just beginning… One of my favorite sayings “In order to get change, you have to make change”. It’s not all about the physical or what exercises you can do to get you right and tight….It’s so much more than that. Those are the kind of principles that I try to instill in my clients and understand through their journey.

Once I conquered my anxiety, depression, frustrations, and unhappiness, which by the way was my foundation of reality, I Was able to conquer and be more confident in other things I took on through my health and fitness journey. As I’ve always said the journey will always continue it’s never an end point. I keep pressing on….

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The Foundation is Reality!

Wanted to post this yet again but for another purpose —> to share what I like to call THE FOUNDATION IS REALITY.

Where you start is of upmost importance because you grow from that point on. In the health and fitness realm, I have come in contact with quite a few people who don’t want to know their numbers or where they are at that moment prior to beginning their journey and would rather skip that and try to do something before coming back to that foundation so that they have greater numbers that are pleasing to them. I understand in a sense… However if you set that foundation and except the reality of where you are in the beginning, you put the work towards what you are setting out to do, that foundation that you started out with will be so much more accepting and understood as a story of where you started and where you are at the moment. Your foundation is what sets you up for greater things even if you think your foundation is ugly it is OK because the more you work at it the better it will start looking to you. 

You think the top picture of me I wanted to know where I was at that moment??Hecks no! But deep down inside I knew that I was about to make a change and this was going to be my best opportunity to find out where I was at that time and compare it to where I would be as I went along my journey.

So if you are that person who is just starting in your journey or starting over don’t be afraid to set that foundation (example: a starting scale weight, girth measurements, BEFORE photos, etc etc) and accept it’s reality. Lay the foundation and build from there! 

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Barnes & Noble Columbus Zoo Day!

Sooooo,  Wednesdays are usually my do nothing days But I also wanted to get myself and the kids out the house and knew that the Barnes and Noble’s down the street had library story time so that’s how our day started…but because I knew the weather would be just a little cooler I figured it would be the best day to go ahead and take the kids to the zoo since WE, yes we, have been wanting to go. We had such an amazing time!!! it was packed but Momma was able to maneuver/ bob and weave that double stroller through the crowds. I ended up getting a workout in having to haul them up many hills to get from one place to another but because of all of the excitement the adrenaline was high. 

So glad for my conditioning that I put myself through because I can definitely say we would not have been able to get to a lot of Places and see a lot of animals that day!!

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Is online training for you??

4STAR OnLine Training is for YOU, if you need/looking for;

1. Have no idea where to begin in your journey

2. Nutritional and fitness guidance

3. Know what you’re currently doing isn’t getting you where you want/need to be and need a change up

4. TABATA Training 😜

5. Overall focus on a healthier lifestyle that can be maintained

Summary —> Accountability, Reliability, Support, Challenge, simply to MIRGIT (Make it right, get it tight) 

If it’s something at this point in your life that you feel your health/fitness is time to focus on, its never too late, make it an investment/priority.

Venture through the website. I ENCOURAGE questions. You never know if you don’t ask, no assumptions. 😉

Challenge Completed!!

Lost 6lbs- lost 2.5 inches flexed position

Video below says it all!!

Nutrition and choices

What we eat, plays such a vital role in our livelihood. It can determine our functionality and feelings! It’s crazy the power that food can have on a person. Some people say that they have it in the bag when it comes to a healthy and supportive nutrition routine yet they suffer with their Fitness lifestyle. However, for the majority of others it’s the other way around.

Why is that?

Why is it that we suffer so much in trying to get and keep a healthy and supportive nutrition routine? Could it be that it’s more of words than actions saying that we want healthy but deep inside we really don’t, is it that some people just don’t know how to have a healthier nutrition lifestyle or is it simply a mindset of discipline?

For me I can honestly say that I I am on a healthier and more supportive nutrition lifestyle that I can maintain however for some reason I have always been in a real roller coaster relationship with water and every time I do well with water I see great results but apparently that’s not enough for me to keep a water routine within my lifestyle. why is that? For me I think it’s a lack of mental discipline I love juice or anything that may have flavor in it and sometimes if I had a glass of juice and a glass of water side by side nine chances out of 10 I would choose the juice. I’ve trained my palate for so long for the taste of juice that I haven’t put the time and effort 2 train my palate for water and mentally I tell myself I need flavor but do I really need that?

I think these kind of questions are good for a lot of us who suffer with the struggle of keeping and maintaining a balanced and supportive habits. When we dig deeper into the real reasons ,it opens our eyes to what is really important and what we truly deserve for our bodies. If eating and drinking things that you really like and would never give up, that aren’t the healthiest to your body, so be it, that’s your prerogative.  If you can say that taking that route of the choices  you make in your  eating habits, makes you feel and act great, then why change it? But if you can honestly be real with yourself and say that some of the choices that are made really don’t make you feel the way you would really like to feel, then it’s time to make some changes.

I know for me as much as I love my juice I always feel bloated and lethargic. Now dont get me wrong, I love my juice, but it comes a time where I have to shift my mentality to a total different way because I know what water does for me and I feel so much better.

That’s a choice that I have to make. I can continue to feel and look bloated but enjoy my juice or go the water route and feel tighter and feel better. That’s all up to me.


What is your choice?




I always try to incorporate some kind of exercise that will “kickstart” the rest of my routine and it does just the job/purpose.


With using the medball it creates some instability, enough that causes me to focus more on my moves/form to keep myself in line with what I am trying to do. Doing the ball taps was the challenging part in such, trying to keep the ball in a one spot without it moving all over the place.



Just a few exercises with some intensity to get me going!