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BLT Egglett

Bacon 🥓 . Lettuce . Tomato 🍅 Egg 🥚

This food option can be made for Breakfast, lunch or a snack. Higher on the protein side, low carb.

BLT Tutorial

  • Slice Hard boiled eggs in 1/2 (option to keep egg yolk or scoop it out)
  • Bacon (turkey-optional) cut in small pieces
  • slice cherry tomatoes in 1/2
  • Sauce: combine mayonnaise (optional), hot sauce and fresh chives in a bowl
  • Place the sauce in the center of the egg, then lettuce, bacon and tomatoe
  • Place other 1/2 of boiled egg on top (optional) or just eat half
  • calories per egg (if eat whole boiled egg with BLT) < 90 cal.

Breakfast Sandwich

Get your day started off great!

100% Whole Wheat Bread- The bread is toasted!

No Nitrates or Nitrites Added Turkey Deli Sliced thin

Sliced Avocado

Slice Cheddar Cheese

Pepper- for a little seasoning

Other options- Sliced Tomato

Sandwich please!

Maintaining balance

Especially for my lunch and dinner meals I try to keep a consistent balance of a healthy complex grain, some sort of vegetable and sometimes a side salad. It leaves me full and I feel good after!

*keep it supportive

✳️ On the left- salad with Olives, Cherry tomatoes, and a nuts and berries mix (cashews, almonds, dried blueberries and cranberries- salad dressing balsamic vinaigrette
✳️ On the right brussels sprouts, brown rice and red quinoa, chopped up seasoned chicken breast

Another way to prepare Eggs…with a sheet pan

One of my coworkers tried a new way to prepare eggs and was so excited about the way they turned out she sent us a link on how to prepare them. It looked very good and I wanted to share it with anyone who like eggs!

I look to try this very soon!


Vacation Breakfast!!

Now I definitely would not consider this the healthiest breakfast I have had, but I will say it was sure one of the most delicious, straight outta Chi-Town!! When I go on vacay I always like to have a little fun!!!

Breakfast Combo Please

Apple Slices with Blueberries

Hard Boiled Eggs

Whole Wheat Toast w/ Almond Butter

Vegetarian Bacon


Bowl of Yogurt

I like to start most of my days with a small bowl of yogurt with preferably berries because the berries (especially blueberries) provide some fiber. It’s actually a great start to my day for me.

Liquid Breakfast

For some peoples choice of breakfast, its liquid-It could be a preference of choice and/or convenience – I know for me, it was hard for me to try and eat a meal in the morning before going off to train. My coach suggested a liquid breakfast/meal replacement that provided the nutrients I would need to help me get my day started and also get me through my training, and it truly helped. Mine was sometimes an Ensure. Thereafter I was able to actually eat something.

Some prefer to make a smoothie that’s a combination of a fruit(s), vegetable(s) and a protein powder


Good Morning!

Photo sent by a client!

Hard Boiled Eggs

Whole Wheat Toast with Almond Butter