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TRY ME! Cardio and Core Workout Routine

21 day Spiritual Fast complete!

I started January 7 with this spiritual fast strong and I and it strong. Nothing about this fast was focused are targeted on trying to change anything about me physically.

I prayed more, spent more time with my family, had way less distractions, stayed focused, and drink more water every single day.

My take from this 21 day fast is a revelation for me that if you just slow down more throughout your day and take the time to listen the guide, take time to talk to him, just take time to be more present he can and will reveal what has to be done in your life. Just from me drinking water every single day more than 67 ounces I felt like I was purifying my body from the sweets and juice beverages I was consuming almost every day prior to the fast beginning. Not only did it purify my body but also my mind I feel so much more energetic and mentally more aware. It’s amazing what increasing your water intake can do for you!

Poppers and Box pushes

Fit Tip: Breathe!

If you’ve just finished a hard work out or any kind of cardiovascular workout that has that your heart rate up a great breathing technique that helps get your heart rate down safely and effectively is breathing slowly in through your nose holding for a split second and then slowly Exhaling out of your mouth.

A lot of people tend not to be able to control their breathing and breathe in through their mouth and out through their mouth which can cause too much air in, make you sound like your hyperventilating, cause dizziness, and not to mention a dry mouth.

When you breathe in through your nose there’s more control in the air supply that goes in and when you exhale out of your mouth you want to purse your lips together to slowly push out the air.

Go ahead and give it a try! This technique can be found in yoga, meditating and simply for relaxation purposes.

Orzo Salad

My mom sent me this nutritious and delicious photo

Orzo salad: whole grain. Orzo, grape tomatoes halved, garlic, white onions, green onions, asparagus tops, cilantro, EVO, kosher salt, black pepper, lite feta (optional)

My Tuesday “WOD”


Trying to start this new month off right! Tabata Workout today!

Although some may THINK from this video/pic that I have it all together, but I surely don’t. I still battle diastasis, but i am definitely not anywhere close to where I was last year to where I am at this moment. I am making strides. I am not going to say I am not happy where I am, because I am especially knowing where I was mid last year. I am not going to put pressure on myself just because I am not at that point where I want to be. I am going to appreciate every moment of it.

Embrace the process!!!




My last Tabata Routine at ESY

I was asked if I would teach one last Tabata class before I left the doors of the Eric Snow YMCA. I knew I could not say no. Nerves fell over me not only because I get jitters of teaching (like I’m about to throw a concert), but more so because I was in my emotions anyways knowing of the bittersweet feeling.

I did all 6 rounds the day before I taught the class. It…was…rough! You feel like you’re defeated while going through, yet you still push with what you have and after its all said and done…you feel accomplished.

I never like to take anyone through something I have never experienced.

Here are the final 6 rounds that were taught Wednesday April 26th.

Those who modified some of the moves, used a chair or simply did movements they felt more comfortable with yet still challenged themselves.


Here ya go!!


The inbetween time

It has been a while since I have focused solely on sharing another EMBRACE THE PROCESS/Journey back to FIT video. So much has occurred in my life within these past couple months and soon enough I will share a testimony about it all. I felt at one point during my journey, that there was no need to have multiple videos explaining the process I have been going through, when I could share it in one. It’s all been in the timing. Please stay patient with me as I will be sharing a video in due time!

As I do prepare in sharing an update VLOG, I will post some other requested MIRGIT exercise videos soon!



Jump Rope Routines