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4Star Fit Tip

Make It Right, Get It Tight with this move!

Stationary Plank Crouching Walk

Food vs Emotions

hen life throws different stressors our bodies respond in various ways. When it comes to these stressors and how the body responds, for some people Food is not what they turn to to cope with situations but for others food is the emotional go to. When it comes to stressful emotions and food it more than likely ties in with Not the best choices and unwanted consequences. 

Check out this Information provided by registered dietitian, Molly Linek about What happens when stress and emotions come together:

⬆️ stress (hormone cortisol) = ⬆️ poor diet (unhealthy food choices or over moderation) / high fat & sugar = ⬆️weight  (change in leptin, appetite suppressor hormone) = ⬆️ obesity (⬆️ in insulin resistance)

All of what you see above ties in with your inflammation of the body and possible depression

Food stimulates mood! (VanOudenhove, 2011) most people seek out emotional eating as a way to buffer against strong emotions/depression

Palatable food reduces stress temporarily by buffering any major physiological and behavioral responses to stress

 So now that you have a little bit more information about how the body responds to stress, the work has to be done of being aware of how you respond to it when stressed out.

I can most certainly say for those of us who are emotional eaters, the first thing we are not going to think about to suppress our emotions is carrots, or fruit, it’s going to be more like ice cream, chocolate, or something fatty and greasy.

However, the more aware we become and the more knowledge we have, the more conscious decisions and effort that can be made in being good to ourself.

Stay healthy and blessed y’all.

Nutrition labeling/ misleading names vs the Ingredients- packaging and the reality

When it comes to information on products you purchase at the store there is a list of information by manufacturers, required to be displayed on the product

However what can be misleading is how they go about using certain words for advantage.

Here’s some informational background and tips on What to more aware of the next time you go grocery shopping!

Information required to be displayed on products we buy are as followed:

  • List of ingredients including allergens
  • Weight or volume of food
  • Name of food
  • Storage instructions
  • Storage instructions Use by date
  • use by dateClear preparation and cooking instructions
  • clear preparation and cooking instructions
  • name and address of manufacturer
  • place of origin
  • batch number
  • any genetically modified ingredients
  • beverages that contain greater than 1.2%
  • nutritional information is not required by law in all countries unless there is a nutritional claim

What to watch out for that can be misleading


Manufacturers can highlight a food/ingredients on the cover of a product as long as they tell what % of that ingredient is in it. That doesn’t necessarily mean that highlighted food/ingredients is the most “used” /“benefited” food of that product.
food product example could be a Guacamole Topping product with a claim “made with avocados… when in reality there is only 3% rehydrated avocado with water and cream added.

all in all! Don’t get fooled with what is just listed on the front of a product- read the back and get the most info on what that product really contains the most of.

Seated Tricep, Core Leg Exercise

Check out this exercise you can do at home!

Triceps, Core, Legs

Performing the Pelvic tilt in Plank Position

Are YOU performing your plank correctly?

check it out!

pelvic tilt

Transformation vs Scale

Many of you may have seen this pic or similar pics such as this but I really want you to look at it and understand it.
Why? Too often people are STILL focusing on what the scale says without learning about the process that is happening with your body. 

Losing weight can come with a price. If all you’re focused on is seeing the scale number go down you can be in risk of continuing to lose muscle, therefore your weaker and body composition not favorable. 

It’s tough to change a mindset of terminating the scale only success and switch it the mindset of actual body transformation no matter what the scale shows.

I want you to understand that no matter how much you weigh, how you are carrying it and most important how you physiologically feel at that weight is important.

As you see from the picture above two people of the same gender, And relatively the same height, Carry their weight totally different.
How they carry it is based off of body composition, fat to muscle ratio.
So when someone steps on the scale who has been making a great transformation, yet the scale number doesn’t exactly show the number that they are looking for, does not mean Success is not happening. If you lost a couple pounds, celebrate that!
If your body is transforming the right direction meaning you are losing inches, weight is slowly going down, your energy has increased, your clothes fit better, then you better believe that your transformation will outweigh what the scale says every time!

Turtle 🐢 or Rabbit 🐇

Are you a turtle or rabbit?

In your Health and fitness journey the most important thing you have to think about is your health. Every decision and thought you make creates a reality good, bad or indifferent outcomes.

If you have the rabbit mentality, when it comes to HEALTH, Believe it or not, stress is high Even if you don’t want to admit it. When you’re constantly worried about weight not dropping at a quick pace or not seeing results quickly, that is actually causing stress mentally and physically. Due to wanting to see fast results in such a short amount of time it’s going to give a temporary satisfaction which is why so many end up gaining the weight back because they cannot sustain/maintain it.

Being a turtle on the other hand, you go with the flow and trust the process knowing that what you are doing is working and that your body will make the proper changes based off of the work you put in. 
Let’s face it, No one likes to hear it may take six months to a year to actually make the full transition that they are looking for, because it requires TIME. Why? In that length of time LIFE is still rolling which means there will be set backs and struggles BUT that’s why it makes the journey even more satisfying because when you continue to stay focused and trust the process your body will continue to make positive change.

Your health is imperative to the mentality you choose! 

4Star Fit Tip:

Standing Single Leg Pull Through

Understanding food labeling: Product Expiration Date

I’ve had a few people ask me about certain products and what exactly the expiration date means because it’s used in different ways one being “best before” and the other “used by”

When you see the term used by and it has a date next to it that usually will mean to not use after that day as it could put health at risk. There can be a chance for food poisoning after that date. Such products could be; 

meat products, ready-made salads and smoked fish. 

When you see the term best before with a date next to it that usually will mean after that date the product starts losing flavor however it is still suitable for eating. 

It is usually still legal to sell a product after the best before date But the product could still be discounted in price. Products that usually will have the best free for will be frozen, dried, or tinned food. 

4Star Fit Tip

Runners Stretch Lunge

Health & Fit Tip

Health Tip

*information provided by RD Molly Linek

Green Banana Flour?? That’s right!   Green banana flour is made from green, under-ripe bananas. Not only is it a fantastic flour replacement for gluten-free eaters – it’s actually used as a supplement to boost resistant starch to promote gut health and improve your microbiome!  So eat up!!

Fit Tip

Seated Core T OH Raise

Seated Core T Raise