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Evening Gratitude Walks & Trips to the Fresh Produce Farm

These are times I really appreciate

In the evenings

Fresh Farm Trips

The trip to the fresh fresh recently was a good surprise to the kids. We often make trips to this particular fun because of the quality of produce they offer in the things they have for the kids to play with while shopping.
This time while checking out the in season produce I noticed how much more involved the kids were in helping shop without me asking!
This kind of place is great because it continues to introduce the kids to the vibrant and fresh foods.

A great idea the next time you take your kiddos on a trip to a fresh farm have them pick out a green, red, yellow, orange and/or purple vegetable! It’s neat to see what they find and pick!

cabbages bigger then their heads

Sipping on a fresh peach 🍑 slushy

Chit Chat in School, Lunch, and Circle Time Exercise

Some days can be so difficult in figuring out what to whip up for your kiddos to make sure they get the nutrients they need for the say My kiddos have been back in daycare for a little over a month now so that they can have somewhat of a summer Interaction with another small group of kids and of course do some learning. 

In this pandemic time it was a tough decision but it was also safe and comforting decision knowing they would have a better structure of their food intake, play, learning, and naps. The structure they had at home intermingled with our work schedules was just too inconsistent and the kids needed more. 

Anywho, When it came to food intake, i’m not sure about you as a parent, but when I make their lunches I Have this mindset that I’d rather provide more than not enough in the case they were to be still hungry.

Now that my kiddos are getting older they are becoming more vocal about what I put in their lunch and I try to listen intensively because I don’t want them to waste any food they need not be wasted.

I will normally ask them how they liked their lunch and if they said it was good then I am definitely going to make it again but I try not to do it to consistently back to back so they don’t get bored. 

My focus for them is to always try and have a protein, fruit, some kind of dairy and whole-grain if possible. If they are not having any reaction to any of those food groups then I try to incorporate all of them.

Sometimes it’s just a hit and miss. 

I learned through this process, although it may not happen the way your kiddos may ask for it, a simple ask of what they like to eat can give some ideas. Just this most recently on my out way home from picking them up I asked how their day went and Rey said “ Mommy, everyone was staring at me during lunch” and when I asked her why she said “because they liked my lunch and was going to tell their mommies to make them a lunch like mine” 🤣🤣🤣

Anywho, So I did a little interview on Rey to candidly tell me her a little about school and her lunch time If they are not having any reaction to any of those food groups then I try to incorporate all of them.


The Chit Chat

Circle time Fitness

I came up with this idea as I was getting ready to do my work out but decided that before I did my actual work out that we were trying to do something together and the idea of circle time came up! When they heard me say circle time their ears and eyes lit up because that’s the same terminology to use in daycare.

I made a circle of a few colorful items that will spur their attention. We kept the exercise sure but just enough that they were active and had fun. The whole purpose was not only to get them moving but I said to shine some light on them by calling them to the center of the circle and having them do A favorite exercise.
Parents, I highly encourage you to do the same! Even if you don’t have equipment you can use chairs or whatever you can think of creatively to form a circle and make it happen!

Circle Time Fitness


Making Smoothies And A Parents Journey of Patience

I came to Grips that there will be more times than none that I will be able to hide from my children and do my own thing. Everyone who is a parent knows being a parent comes with a lot of responsibilities Time and patience. We all know that but living through it is always the test.

For anyone who’s following me for a length of time knows that I shared that I love getting my make it right get it tight workout in and I prefer to do them on my own because I get in true focus mode. 

Well, with my kiddos all that is thrown out the window. I have learned so much patience just in that aspect but the new thing I am learning is to learn to just stop and teach when my babies really want to learn how to do it. My daughter really has shown that she enjoys working out with me and just recently, so has my son. But with my daughter, she tends to get very frustrated if she can I get an exercise right which frustrates me because now I have to stop what I’m doing to calm her down. I gave her two options either she does something else, doesn’t work out at all or calms down enough for me to show her how to do it.

You will see in this clip this very scenario. 

I am appreciating the fact that I am having more patience and taking the time to sew into my kiddos when they really want to learn and accept the fact that if they aren’t there yet with how I am teaching that they are still going to pout. I still have to keep pressing forward and know that they will get it one day without allowing myself to stay frustrated. 

please enjoy 😉

My Journey of Patience

On the nutritious and delicious side, I decided to whip up a smoothie for them. Something I knew they would enjoy making with momma and hopefully enjoy tasting. 

Results from this video… Bubs enjoyed actually finished it. Rey on the other hand, wasn’t feeling it LOL🤷🏽‍♀️

Surprisingly, both of them asked for me to make a smoothie again the very next day, but this time, in Rey’s favor, I added a splash of cherry tart juice in the mix and it did the trick. 

Stare thinking me and a sprinkle of Matcha to add some green to it. 

Overall, with some trial and error, a thumbs up from the kids as a refreshing and healthy beverage to have especially during these warm/hot months. 

Check it out!

Making Smoothies

A REAL Dance Party

I’ve shared in some past parent and kid blogs that every so often the kids enjoy having a dance party, and still tap me on the shoulder to ask to crank some music to dance to. 

Well, this time around, for Reygan, her opportunity for a real dance party came true.

I had the honor to be a sponsor for M. Nicholson Hip Hop Fitness- The Movement this past week and for a great cause. 

I had two complementary tickets to the event and invited my mom and a friend. 

My husband was suppose to watch BOTH of the kids while I attended this event…. as I was getting ready to head out I could my husband call for the kids because they were going to walk around the neighborhood…turns out someone left out on a walk with Bubs and not Rey🤔

I was suspicious 🤣🤣🤣

Oh Rey Rey…. I’m not sure what she said to her father while I was still getting ready but I’m sure she must’ve made him think that she was going to come when she found out her GiGi was going. 

Listen, She cried and cried pleading for me to take her with us. In the back of my mind I knew she was going to go with me but I couldn’t help but play the game of telling her we were going to ride around the neighborhood to look for Daddy and Bubs so she could join in on their walk 😉

Honestly at that time I wasn’t even sure Kids were allowed at the event but found out at the last minute that she could come so it came as a big surprise for her and a dance party she will not forget. 

Fast forward to the event…. She participated in nearly the whole thing, having to take a break for about 10 minutes and then she was right back at it. A few times during routines, she leaned over to me and said “Mommy, can I do my own thing?” She danced on her own, then followed back in with the routine, and then back on her own. 

I let her do her own thing and just enjoy it all because that is sincerely what she was doing. 

Looking back at it, I am happy it turned out the way it did that she came, although it was intended to be a adult only evening. 

Rey definitely got her workout in and SLEPT LIKE A BABY THAT NIGHT!! I didn’t even have to snuggle with her. That pillow was her snuggling buddy. 

Parents, I encourage you, once in a blue moon to invite your kiddo, who you know can handle themselves around adults, to join you on at least a hour of fun. I’m not talking about taking them to their own little kids dance class, I’m talking about a class where they get to see  the parents get down and they can join in too!

It was worth it and I’d definitely do it again!!! 

Check our a little snippet of the event and Rey Rey gettin down! 

Her Dance Party Upgrade


Reys post dance party workout snack!

Cherries 🍒!!! She LOVES them. Rich in color and antioxidants

although cherries are very nutritious and delicious they can be very tricky and eating due to the pit being inside. Fortunately Gray learn how to eat the cherry and get the pit out but for any other Littles who need help- cut the cherry, take the pit out and take off the stem. still makes for a tasty treat for kids.


Guac Snack Attack and Improv outdoor Physical fitness

Parents! If you’ve ever been on a walk, bike ride, or jog with your kids through the neighborhood, you can always make it extra exciting for either you and/or the kids with a little extracurricular fun. 

When the kids were still in strollers I would make it fun for both of us mommy would get a good upper body workout and toned arms while the kids would have a roller coaster ride. I would simply do a “stroller pop a Willy” (press Down on the stroller handles which would lift the front stroller wheels up in the air) as we took our walk through the neighborhood. 

Now that the kids are a little older and A little more independent every now and then either I or the kids likes to come up with sporadic ideas that keep us on our toes. 

For example, usually when I take the kids on a bike ride, We keep it at just that a nice stroll through the neighborhood. But from time to time we will stop at one of the neighborhood ponds to skip rocks. In this video, This time on their bike ride, we stopped at the pond but it wasn’t to just skip rocks it was to have a mini track event.  

The kids wanted to run around the pond and show their running skills. I thought it was a great way for them to really use their energy and have fun doing it. 

Since they came up with the idea to run around the pond I came up with the idea for them to do it as a team.  One runs around comes back and hits the others hand. 

Do you see the excitement as one waited while the other one ran was funny and precious to see. I always say it, but coming up with things that can keep your kids active and fun at the same time is so important.

When you were thinking of ways to keep your kids active and have fun you have to be creative but it doesn’t have to be complex. Do you know what makes our kids upset and we also know what she has them up. Kids love when you cheer/ pump them up. 

Here’s the clip of the bike ride to the pond improv!

Bike Stop for a outdoor run

Snack Attack!!!

So I initially Purchased this guacamole From Costco, as a great snack on the go. Something for me to snack on With the whole Grain tortillas. Sooo good.
AnyWho, I was minding my own business snacking on this deliciousness, when my kiddos found me and asked what it was and if they could give it a try. They took a chip, dipped it in the guacamole and fell in love. Needless to say, I ended up giving them the rest of the guacamole

yes, even my son tried and liked it! 🤣

Guacamole is a great nutritious and delicious snack for this family and I honestly Good just making it together as a family. But if you have a busy week and are on the move, Purchasing premade healthy snacks are the way to go!

The Dentist Chronicles

Rey has had successful teeth cleaning appointments but it was on her latest teeth clean appointment they noticed a small gray spot on one of her baby teeth! From the dentist, it wasn’t anything major to worry about, but wanted to take care of the small cavity now so that it would not spread. 

Parents… before I share the rest kind of everything I’ve continued learning and taking my babies to their appointments is as they grow older of course they are going to get more independent but that still doesn’t mean that they can do it as thoroughly all the time. I know we get tired a lot and when the kids get that age where they now know how to do it own their own, we tend to back off. We should! However, especially for kids who have r hit the double digits yet, occasionally doing it ourselves to make sure that it’s being done right makes a huge difference. It doesn’t take away from their independence. I call it a parent check up. Every so often I may brush their teeth for them just to make sure they are getting all of their teeth and not just going through the motions and trying to hurry up. 

I was a bit surprised because Rey is that  “eat healthy” little girl. But hey! Being a kid comes with cavities 🤷🏽‍♀️ … little did I know, Just by asking more questions and allowing the professionals to explain, I got a better understanding of other reasons things could cause a cavity. 

If you listen in to this first clip, which is her teeth cleaning appointment, the dentists assistant explains that by Rey loosing teeth,  young children tend to get scared to brush their teeth if a tooth is loose or if they just lost one. They neglect the surrounding teeth or hardly brush because they are aware and sensitive. Makes a lot of sense! 

Please notice the difference in attitude from a regular cleaning appointment to getting a tooth filled appointment. 

In any appointment with a professional as I’ve always said it’s important to listen and ask questions so that you understand what’s going on and how and what to look out for in the future in regards to health. 

The reason they highly recommended her  having her baby tooth filled was to prevent any future spreading or harm to her adult tooth. The fillings that I used to get when I was a kid definitely changed over the years. 


The tooth filling appointment, Rey was not having it. Once she saw the “new tools” being introduced to her mouth, it was a wrap. We never got it done that day. She DID allow them to use seal protectors for her other back teeth to prevent any cavities but the one tooth that needed treated for a filling….. Not today! Had to reschedule. 😂😂😂

Please notice the body language compared to the tooth cleaning appointment. 

Please enjoy 😉 

The Teeth Cleaning Appointment and Learning

The Tooth Filling Appointment


Healthy sweet treats

I met Anique at a local Farmers Market Where she was selling a pretty unique treat her and her family started in their very own kitchen. What attracted me to it was the healthy yet SwEeT nutrition factor for kids. I shared in a past blog about too good eats, But wanted to bring it up again as I received an email updating her customers on their summer edition treats. 

Check it out for your kiddos!

Here is her IG page

Apparel, Food Workout, Oh My!


For parents whose kids are staying active with you, I may be late, but I just realized that Walmart carries a nice kids fitness apparel line! Very affordable. $5.99-12.99

I purchased a few workout outfits for Rey since she’s into that. So here she is rocking one of her outfits and in the work out!


The New Ingredient to our salad 🥗



Nutritious Meal and Fit Game

So this nutritious and delicious meal I’ve posted specifically under my nutritious and delicious specific blog and it’s more geared to adults but as kids grow older their appetites get bigger. Although both of my kids are three and five, their energy and activity level is on 100.

Rey specifically requested red beans and rice to try after my mom mentioned that’s what she would be making. Although I know it’s a more hearty meal it provides a nice mixture of carbs, protein and vegetables.
This particular meal I would definitely say, a little goes a long way if your kiddo is willing to give it a try. It will fill them up!

I love This meal so much and always have since my mom and reduced it to me as a team! Because it has become a staple in our family now my children have been introduced to it at a way younger age.

How much you make it’s up to you but at least make sure you have these ingredients to make it nice and tasty

  • brown or white rice
  • celery
  • white onion
  • Olive oil
  • Pepper and salt
  • smoked turkey sausage
  • 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • (2) cans of Red kidney beans (partially drained) OR presoaked red kidney beans

here is a short clip of how to put it all together !

Red beans & Rice

From start
To finish

Bubs DID eat the smoked turkey sausage which he thoroughly enjoyed.

We complimented the meal with cherries, cucumbers and tomatoes (Rey didnt want the tomatoes because they were cut in half LOL)

Fitness Game you can play with your kiddos!!

Exercise then FREEZE!!

This is just a small clip of the game. They did not want to stop!

I thought of an old game I used to play as a child and make it innovative to calisthenics fitness by choosing exercises they knew how to do and were not complicated. Just pick some exercises and yell them out.

I thought of an old game I used to play as a child and make it innovative to calisthenics fitness by choosing exercises they knew how to do and were not complicated. Just pick some exercises and yell them out.

check It out!

Exercise Freeze Game

Yard Work With Cool Treats

Preparing to Mulch

During the week we stopped over GG and Papa‘s house to visit. Just so happened that our visit was doing a outdoor cleanup around the house. Papa had just finished mowing the lawn and was getting prepared to begin trimming, edging And adding new mulch around the house. Surprisingly, and I say surprisingly because you don’t get a lot of kids who job at excitement of helping doing yardwork because they’d rather be inside where it’s cool and they can watch TV. 

decorating with little white fences

No, not these kiddos! They wanted to help GG and Papa decorate the yard, and so they did. This was the first time having adult shovels at hand and putting in some work. I was so proud of them! A great way to learn teamwork, patience and communication. 

How can you get your kids involved during the summer with some yard work? (especially if they Are young) It keeps them active in a non-traditional way you working muscles that will AFFORDABLE yard work tools specially made for the kiddos- grab some sun glasses, sunscreen and their own bucket and shovel. Have them focus on 1 task that they can accomplish on their own (I.e-shovel dirt from one place to another) Make it personalized for them. They feel responsible and independent. 

$1 Shades to go with the buckets 😎
$1 Bucket with Shovel from Target or Dollar Store

It definitely worked with the kiddos. 

And the added bonus….they slept GREAT 😉

Some yard work

Now when it comes to nutrition, those who have older kids already know they’ve been through it but those going through it right now with their younger kids, as I said in my past blog it takes time. 

There’s 2 cool summer treats the kids have already enjoyed. One healthy and the other a guilty pleasure. 

The cool treat is one that Ive shared in the past but has become a household nutrition item for the kids. Cucumbers 🥒 they prefer their cucumbers with Himalayan salt. While Reygan asks for a few, Bubs may ask for 1, which I’ll gladly accept. 🤣 

Cucumbers with Himalayan salt

NOW, sometimes you just have to balance out some good along with guilty pleasures and I know my kiddos deserve it especially after helping GG and Pops in the yard!

The Other cool treat I surprised them with I found at Aldi’s. I would call it a knock off of the Klondike bar but it’s still served it’s purpose as a scrumptious ice cream sandwich!

Parents!! If you have any questions pertaining to health and fitness for your kids, please comment below!

New Adventure, New Food

New Adventure

So during this season of quarantine my husband was Introduced To a new hobby… Biking 🚴‍♀️ 

He went all out. Got a bike, helmet, gloves, and biking shorts.  He meets up with a group of other for as taking on this new adventure. He is really enjoying it and goes out almost every day for a bike ride. 

The kids absolutely LOVE joining daddy on a short bike ride around the neighborhood. We seem to find different trails throughout our neighborhood and have them enjoy the adventure. It’s something different and I feel independent being able to do it on their own and follow daddy. 

If it’s just me and the kids they lead and I think it’s the feeling of being independent to ride and lead the way that gets them so excited about riding their bikes so often. 

For my kids, this is a new adventure brought out out the quarantine, that they have really come to enjoy. It’s not just about going out just to ride in the neighborhood, it’s about experiencing the freedom they feel, and control they have to turn, go and stop!
the other great thing I like about the new adventure with the bike, as most of you may know, biking helps build strength in the low back, quads,core as well as balance. So when the kids want to get on their bikes and go not only are they having fun riding but they are getting some body weight strength and balance a long with it! Check it Out!

Bike Adventures

New Food

The new nutritious and delicious food that I decided to buy and give a try ended up being a winner for Reygan.

from Costco

I had just sat down to eat Salmon to go along with the rice for me please my daughter says Salmon to go along with the rice for me please my daughter says “Mommy, can I try some of that?!”

Bam! “Yummy, that’s good, can I have some more!”

I ended up making for the very thing you may have and she ate every last bit! I also bought the quinoa balloons that we have not tried yet but if Rey likes that one too, We know what will definitely be added in our kitchen as a staple!