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I’m Strong 💪🏽

I’m Strong

I always wondered what it would be like if I had a boy and the Lord definitely gave me my answer!

Bubs is so independent and knows exactly what he wants at 3. He can be so sweet but at the same time so mischievous and onery.

When it comes to his health I worry sometimes because He would be so resistant to everything we would offer him and I thought he would never get the nutrients he would need or grow the way he was supposed to but he continues to prove us wrong.

This boy continues to grow and get stronger physically, everyday, although he is VERY picky with his nutrition (which scares me sometimes because he turned his nose up to vegetables compared to his sister).

All of the talk people use it to say about boys learning and developing different and possibly slower than Girls, I took grasp on, but it wasn’t until having a boy that I didn’t think it applied to him LOL (But isn’t that how it normally happens when we become biased of our own children? LOL)

I came to reality that Bubs would lead his path his own way, learn and grow at the pace he was going to do it. He has shown so much strength and tenacity as a three-year-old and I am just excited to see him continue on.

He has now started showing more of his personality and even involving himself with my fit mom workouts. At one point in time he didn’t wanna have anything to do with the workouts especially when it was me and Rey but now it has transitioned into participating in a work out or such as you’ve seen in the video above, where I’m not even a part of a work out and he wants to do one on his own.

it’s just a refreshing reminder that God works on his own time, uniquely within each of us and there’s absolutely no reason for us to try and create a timetable that is not in our control.

That’s my boy! My strong boy!

Time…Well Spent

The time

I knew the time would come soon when volunteering for events at my kids school would come up. I would begin to get nervous. You don’t wanna be one of those parents who doesn’t participate in activities/events that your kids are really excited about.

well of course Valentine’s Day is a huge event at the daycare and they prepared for a big Valentine’s Day party for all of the kids.

What was the involvement for the parents? You could volunteer To bring in what was needed for the party, just sign up! But most importantly bring in valentines day cards for all the kids in the class.🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

For my daughters class 31 kids, and for my son 21 kids so you know I was already freaking out not so much about getting the cards but having to put it all together. As soon as I got the info that I needed for each class it was all about preparation. Getting to the store in time before all of the valentine supplies were taken, finding the right cards that were most appropriate and had the quantity needed…. Then of course it was trying to get all of this done before the day of the party.

I started laughing because the first memory that came to my mind that for some reason I will never forget is telling my mother the day before when I was in elementary school, that I needed to bake chocolate chip cookies for my class. I do remember my mom being upset about that but she made it happen.

I know between the two of my children I am going to have one of those moments in the future but I’ll take one at a time 😂

Although there was much to do I really let this moment sinking. After talking to my mom and her laughing as she reminisced when I was a child, she told me to cherish these moments because they will grow up quickly.

instead of just thinking about getting this project done for my kids, I took this time to just let it settle in and enjoy making all of the Valentines cards with my babies. I appreciated this time and I only hope that they did too! It took about 45 minutes.
Bubs helped out here and there but chose to watch his iPad. Rey, being old enough to know what was going on, stayed all the way through. She was too exited for it all!!

Time…well spent.

Build Them Up

As a parent it can be so hard to NOT try to do things for your children, when you know they can do it for themselves.

1) You are afraid they are going to mess it up, so you do it

2) They take too long doing it, so you do it

3) You know how its suppose to be done, so you do it

4) You don’t want them to feel the hurt, frustration or possible failure…so you do it

All of those reasons (but not limited to them) are reasons that I have STOPPED doing some things for them, and have them do for themselves, that I know they are equipped for (for their age). I would be doing a HUGE disservice if every time an opportunity came that my children could learn, and gain experience, yet I stepped in for them, growth would never happen.

I am trying to take those opportunities to build them up, but also for them to build themselves up. I know its opportunities that the children must take, even though I want to do it, because they are so passionate about wanting to do it. Yes, it requires so much patience, but it truly makes a difference.

Taking a bath, brushing their teeth, putting their clothes on, washing dishes, sweeping the floor, taking the dog out, turning the alarm on…the list goes on. The few that I just listed have been awesome confidence builders for them once they got the hang of it. Just to see their smiles and excitement of accomplishment, makes it easier when decisions are made to have them do it on their own.

This video, my son, so badly wanted to help me build this shelf. I could literally see the determination in his eyes that he wanted to do it. Of course, I could have done this on my own and had it together in no time, but the opportunity would have been missed for my son and I couldn’t bare that.

He was a big help!!

Let’s Build

Stubborn One

Bear was adopted into our family as our fur baby child….well Moreso mine than my hubby lol. For the kids they absolutely love calling Bear their brother. But I have to admit with Bear being the youngest in the family he is most certainly stubborn and he knows it! I’m still figuring out how to adjust when it comes to any kind of family workouts because he likes to take over!

As you will see in this 2 minute clip he WOULD NOT budge, claimed his area and had the nerve to get attitudes for us using the boxes. So rude 🤣

We knew Bear enjoyed it but more importantly my kids had a blast with their fur brother.

The Stubborn One

Having a dog has given the kids so much more responsibility, showing compassion, love, care and being active.

Its definitely been an adjustment and responsibility for the “rents” but its all been worth it for the kiddos!!!

What About Us

I have been convicted on a few occasions when I got so focused on something other than my children’s time, it made me step back and rethink my choices.

We as parents have to remember that if we don’t watch what we say (such as “Hold on, just wait, maybe another time”) based on what Captures our attention (such as tv, phones, games etc), our children will begin doing that very same thing. There should be no room for us to reprimand them for doing the same things we did that took away time from them.

I literally just had a conversation at the gym with another parent about this very situation. We talked about where our priorities were especially when it came to how much focus we put in to our jobs And other things. The parent felt so heartbroken because they knew majority of their time was being spent working and they could recall a time where they had to leave yet again for work related Matters and they remember turning around and seeing their daughter look through the window crying asking for them to come back. It was then they made the conscious decision that Family was way more important than work and that reprioritizing and finding more balance needed to happen.

Below is a Facebook message my friend directly spoke specifically to fathers, but this is very applicable to each and every parent. 

“Dear Fathers,

I got a chance to sit and watch a movie with my daughters on my couch tonight. I can say I enjoyed every bit of it. One thing I notice… My daughter told me to put my phone down. I felt convicted because she notice that it was their time. I made myself turn off answering calls or messages. This moment spoke to me. I ask God to help me not to get so consumed in helping others that my daughters  come and say, what about us! 

Fathers… that business will be there. That Job will be there. Learn from me, spend time because your kids are watching your moves and your time. They just want us and our attention.

I’m learning”

I don’t know about YOU but when I read this from a good friend recently, it was a great reminder that our decisions make a huge impact on them mentally and physically. When we think they aren’t watching or listening…they truly are. 

I believe as a parent we will always be learning and that is OK, we just learn from these kind of experiences that come our way and make the best of it.

COSI Family Fun

The Dinosaur Exhibit

So excited

This blog ties in to the parent and kid blog I shared in 2019 titles “Building Experience”. The experiences we share with our children can last for a very long time Especially when it deals with traveling different places to brighten their imagination.

We recently decided to take a mini vacation to COSI, a Local trip. The last time mommy took a trip to COSI was on a school field trip, I was probably 9 or 10 years old!!

However, it left an impression on me because of everything I could remember, the stars and constellations exhibit was what “wowed” me. I knew I wanted the kids to experience that!

At the stats and constellation exhibit.

Bubs wanted to try out the NASA Rocket toilet 🤣

I am going to tell you this was one of the best family, all day trips we have taken. The kids were never bored and there was so much to do.
Because there was a lot of science and history involved with the exhibits we visited, they were always intrigued and asking questions and we loved it!

Science a la carte- A Rat race

“Spin Wheel”

when you are taking advantage of trips such as this in hopes to build experience for them, just sit back and watch them soak in everything they are seeing and hearing. It is truly a satisfying feeling for the parents.

I recommend taking your kids go at least one trip to COSI. It’s all about building the experience, having family time and having fun!!!


This was Rey’s second time at the Dentist, and she took it like a G!!! As you can tell from the picture, she was in chill mode.

This was a first time she got “camera shots” of her teeth 🦷, so she got to wear some cool shades.

3 things we found out from pictures and cleaning

  • Overall her dental health was good for her age She got the thumbs ups
  • Rey has 3 baby teeth loose
  • the Dentist found a spot in one her back molars

Although the Dentist has no worries about it, there were a few thoughts that came to mind I wanted to share.

When it comes to children’s oral health, I think sometimes we as parents think that just because our children are young and they have baby teeth, they’ll fall out and all we really need to concentrate and worry about are the adult teeth.

No. The moment our children can begin eating solids and drinking different types of drinks, it’s The teeth and gums begin absorbing it all.

How it was explained to us pertaining to the Tooth that showed a spot on the photo, was that it may not have been getting brushed well enough therefore causing that tooth to create buildup/plaque (thus the spot).

Yes. it’s a baby tooth, but if it gets to the enamel or even the root that’s a real issue.

When it came to brushing, Rey was always opening her mouth wide thinking if she did that, that she would be able to reach the back teeth, when in actuality she needed to close her mouth to give space in the back.

Now I understand why they say it’s so important to get your kids in early rather than later.

Now that I’ve been made aware and had that revelation, we were only brushing mainly in the morning. NOW it’s morning and night AND working on the flossing.

Moral of the story is, our kids don’t know any better, but us as parents do (at least I hope so🙃) to make sure we stay up with our kids health. Include dentist check ups and not just physicals. 😉

The Trick

It finally happened…Bubbies asked for some vegetables!🤣🤣🤣

In my past parent blogs I shared about having patience with your kids as they continue to grow and figure things out.

The trick to this occurrence was when Reygan asked if she could have for dinner, fish sticks and a bowl of vegetables… because she wanted to grow and run faster.
Bubbies may have been listening intently cause following right after that he asked for the veggies so that he can grow and run fast too.

I knew I wasn’t going to overdo it and overwhelm him so I asked what kind of vegetables he was willing to try. 

We tried a small cooked carrot and some broccoli Which he bit into reluctantly but it was a success. After each bite he would put the vegetable back in the bowl and run down the hall to show his speed. Mommy, daddy and sissy would just cheer him on. 

It got him excited and motivated to eat another veggie. 

It seemed like that was the trick that would work because he would always ASK if he was growing or running faster. I would answer….if you’ve eatin’ a veggie! I stay cautious because I don’t want to overdo it and show too much excitement because then he will start either expecting it too much or just stop trying to eat them.
I just wanted him to know I was proud of him. 

So now that I know he is open to trying the vegetables I will slowly start introducing them to him but not force it.

The way I’m going to introduce the veggies will be what I call “super veggies” which he will be the key word for growth and speed. 

Small victory, big step. 

Building Experience

As I reflect on the 2019 year of me being a Momma, I think about all of the things my husband and I have been able to sew into the kids intentionally, that not only would allow them more opportunities but also just to create more passion within themselves, to use their imagination and to know that they are capable of many things.

I have had the blessing of seeing that come to fruition slowly but surely.

However, later in the year, there was one important message my daughter was sewing into me that actually didn’t sink in until it actually began to happen. She had been telling me she had wanted to take a trip back to Florida and how fun it was. (That’s where my hubs family lives).

I noticed when we began to take mini trips to different places, how happy and involved the kids were. Not long ago I ran across an article that stated, taking your children on trips increases their health and experiences.

As I began to dwell on that I kept on thinking about the stress and struggles of taking young children on trips does to a parent, but never once considered what vacation does for a child.
For adults, once you get to the Destination you Can relax, unwind, and enjoy yourself. It got me to thinking that that’s the same for a child and this whole time that’s what my daughter was telling me she wanted to do.

Not only do they get the experience, the fun, and laughter but when they come back they are actually rejuvenated and inspired.

We plan on taking a trip to Florida in the beginning of the new year but I did take notice that the mini trips we did take this year, to new places, how much life was sewn into them. I saw how it overflowed into their normal everyday activities.
Some of the things that they were experiencing on trips, they started using at home.

Taking trips doesn’t have to be often or extravagant but I have realized that it’s definitely a necessity to break the mold of the everyday, go to school and come home.
So I encourage us all who have have children whether young or old, to plan a trip for the fun, the joy, the EXPERIENCES, and the memories that they will take from it all.
These are some of the few mini places/trips we took the kids that have made a difference throughout the year.

Zoo (different season events), Farmers Market, Franklin Conservatory, Fire Station (I love my city Church Projects), Breast Cancer Walk, and Nelsonville, Ohio train station.
Talk about building experience. THIS was one of the best family days we’ve had! The kids had so much fun and experienced A LOT!

Family Ball Game

Every now and then we all get together and have What I call family fitness fun. Morris usually goes to the gym most days, so if It’s just me and the kids we will do our own thing. But when all four of us are together we try to do it big and have a lot of fun. 

It’s most important that especially at theor young age we are intentionally sewing quality time with our children especially when they asked for it. 

Even if we may not feel like it or we only have a little time, I truly believe our children’s hearts are so sensitive and high on the emotional side, so if we more often say “maybe later” and never get to doing it, it leaves an impact on them. 

I never want to take for granted the time that could have been spent especially when they verbally say “will you play with me?”

I’ve had that instance happen where my daughter may have asked if I would read to her or play with her but I had gotten so caught up in something else that it never came to fruition and after the fact I remembered that I didn’t follow through. It hurts and I never want that to not only leave an impact on her but it impact on me as a parent. 

Yes they are going to be times where us as parents have to get some other things done and sometimes never get around to doing what we wanted to with our kids but I have made a conscious effort to be present and take that huge responsibility as a parent to have those quality moments with my kids. It’s just a must.

I love when the kids face light up when they know mommy and daddy are tagteaming to have some fun. 

This was a good example and boy did we laugh and play. 

Check it out….

Family Night