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Rey makes her lunch

Every day is a routine, I make the kids lunches so they are ready to go the next day. But this week was different! As I was getting up from the table to get prepared to make the kids lunch my daughters started yanking on my arm saying mommy I want to make lunches today! She was so serious so I took this opportunity to have her share how Steve makes and chooses her lunch.

I was very impressed

Check it out!

Having fun packing a lunch

They will be the Beneficiaries of your True Self

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Hard Days Off

Let me tell you, it’s tough being a kid! LOL Reagan has been more than a month into her kindergarten and is loving it but the major change that I noticed from daycare compared to kindergarten is it has eliminated naptime!

The first day I noticed how tuckered out she was with her first official school day and as We drove home I was just chatting it up with her and was wondering why she was so quiet until we got into the driveway and I turned around and she was knocked out! 🤣

So much new information to receive, new friends to meet it just keeps the brain activity ACTIVE during a time where she would normally have taken a nap. 

A while back I shared the importance of making sure your child is getting a complete balance nutrition especially when they are in school because there is so much activity being involved in required of them their body Has to be prepared for it in one way is providing the nutrients to keep their energy up. 

My awareness is heightened and I make sure she has her breakfast before she starts her day. And every morning she gets her multivitamins. 

Although she may be tired by the end of her school day we know that she is alert and ready to go during her school day just by the reports from her teachers. Concentration is important. 

If they are not able to concentrate during the day it’s either because they have not gotten enough sleep the night prior, nutrition is not up to par or it could be both. 

Eventually her body will adjust to the new regimen, but the key components will be to make sure the kiddos are getting enough sleep as well as nutrient dense foods that will help supplement through their day!

My Kid The Ambassador

Rey becomes the Ambassador for Parent and kid blog! Take this as an intro to Rey As I know she is excited to continue to share her perspective into health and fitness

Indoor exercises for the family and outdoor obstacle course

I wasn’t surprised when Rey said “Mommy, I want to do a video for people” so I asked her what she wanted to share and she said she wanted to start by sharing a video outdoors and then wanted to do one indoors. So for all you parents out there with your kiddos for the outdoor activity the purpose Was for kids to come up with their own obstacle course when playing at the playground. Make it your own! 

For the indoor, she wanted to share three exercises everyone can do as a family you choose how many reps of each exercise you do together!

I definitely think all of this stems from not just watching mommy create her own videos but from watching YouTube kids and seeing younger kids to their own. I am so excited to see where this goes for her as she becomes her own! She is such a natural 

Check it out!

Rey Shares

When Can I Eat Vegetables?!

HAs your child ever started a sincere conversation with you and all while you’re listening your giggling inside because they are so serious?

That’s exactly what happened in my conversation with my daughter.   She started off conversation talking about a kid in her class who is fastest then I’ll see other kids and they never win a race against him. Although she was speaking to me it was As if she were talking to herself as well trying to figure out why the kid was so much faster than her. When she posed the question maybe it’s because he eats more vegetables and that’s when she asked me ”When can I eat vegetables? It made me laugh out loud not just by the question, but how she asked in all seriousness. My son, listening in on the conversation and decided to chime in “I want to grow big too! “ 

The moral of this story as a parent when we share the importance of health we hope that it sticks with our children as they continue to explore in the world. It’s out there to see how my daughter connected performing well with eating healthy. 

the conversation translated into a workout a couple days later…

As we walked through the park she just kept doing cartwheels noting it was her workout. Anyone else’s child done this? 🤷🏽‍♀️

Being a Parent and entrepreneur

I still remember the first time I chose to become independent and start putting together how I imagined my health and fitness career would be as an entrepreneur. 

It’s a thin line that you don’t want to severe from all the hard work you’ve put in on your craft, while at the same time, maintaining a special and delicate relationship with your babies. That thin line, I want to be the strongest and healthiest line without it fraying. 

My babies are part of my legacy. 

I’ve learned the hard way through my entrepreneur journey especially after becoming a parent on how to structure and utilize my time with business and being a parent. Having my children ask when I am going to be done to spend time with them is heartwrenching and I knew I had to make changes. 

Having the support as well being humble and putting any pride a side to ASK for support is Essential in being successful as a parent and entrepreneur. 

I came across Charlene’s page about this and wanted to share with other parents who are currently entrepreneurs or thinking about taking that step into entrepreneurship. 

Click on the link below to listen in on Chalene.

The Attachment of a Parent and your Child’s Heart ♥️

This has been on my mind so often every time I think about my children and their blessings they give me. Thinking back to when I gave birth and the doctor would immediately place my baby on the my chest that child is in tune. Living in a mothers womb for nine months and hearing the mothers heartbeat Becomes an attachment.
So when the child is brought into the world that child still needs that Attachment. That’s probably why they cling and can find you wherever you go LOL

But the thing that has really got my mind wrapped up, is as a parent, have YOU ever put your ear to your child’s chest or back and listened to your child’s heartbeat?

While my babies sleep and I pray over them, I have rested my ear over their chest just to hear the pitter patter of their heart, Brings so much more meaning to this thing we call life. 

I think this attachment that I am talking about is a dependent on emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental health. 

I did a survey recently that asked questions about relationships within a family/household. The explanation of why the survey was being done was because depending on the relationship, for example, a parent has with their child. If it’s not a healthy one it could increase the risk of disease, mental and social problems. 

In someway I truly believe now, that when a child is clingy and just wants to be with you it’s because they are needing that attachment that they had when they were first laid on your chest. They know their parents heartbeat. 

On a hilarious note…if this isn’t true I don’t know what is!!! This is exactly what I’m talking about. Our kids KNOW!!!! That attachment will never go away!!

Sweet Treat:

Every so often on a Friday I like to do something “special” for the kids especially now after doing well during a school week. 

What child doesn’t like a treat?! 

On this past Friday I decided to get them a treat that my cousins, sister and I use to enjoy over our grandparents house. 

LUIGIS Italian ICE!!!!

My kids absolutely love luigis and I love it  because I consider it a light yet delightful treat. No heavy ingredients.  Made with real fruit juice and no high fructose corn syrup. 

The Fooducate App rates it a B-

School Playground Gold Nuggets & Overcoming Fears

School Playground Golden Nuggets

I am late!!! After visiting playgrounds around the city, it never dawned on me to take the kids to an actual playground at a school!

We decided to stop by Rey’s Elementary school just so that she could take a look at it, being that it’s closed right now. But as we pulled up to the parking lot, we realized there were three different playgrounds in the back and the kids were excited.
Connecting the dots with playgrounds in schools, I can’t speak for every school but with the learning component the creativity that a school playground provides keeps a kid interested!

Fun School Ground Activities

Overcoming Fear

If you currently have young children, you are probably dealing, as I am, with them overcoming certain fears. Both of my children have extreme anxiety when it comes to darkness. they never want to go into the room without having someone assist them just so that they can turn on the light.

If you’re not going with them to their room it’s like fear builds in them as though they are walking into a different world on their own. The one key that I’ve realized continuing to tell them “just go turn it off!” is like patronizing them into fear. Instead I’ve had to show there is nothing to be afraid of by having them watch me walk into a dark room and turn on a light.
One comforting phrases I have to remind myself to keep telling them is that wherever they go God is always with them and there’s nothing to fear. Sometimes they remember that and sometimes they don’t. 

There have been numerous occasions where no matter how calm you may be and ensure them that they are OK, they still build anxiety and fear. They need that security.

Notice law at the school playground, my son in particular has not come to grips with heights. Other kids are forming themselves over Rock walls While he is holding on with a call to read screaming and yelling for help to get down. He has no trouble getting to the top but once he’s there he is afraid to make another step in fear and anxiety builds up. I think his parents we always want our kids to just listen to your voice and trust But sometimes I think they need more than that. In all I truly believe that is his time with patience.
the same thing happened with Rey, I shared not long ago jumping over the bush.
When as a parent you just sit back and let everything happen naturally on their own, they will eventually do it because deep down, both they and you, know they can do it.

Let It Happen Naturally

Kid Nutrition:

snack time!!!

I needed a snack as we headed to the school playground Because if I didn’t I was not going to have the energy to stay up with them. So I took some Triscuits and A grab and go cup of guacamole. It must have sounded delicious as we headed to the school because of course my daughter is curious and asked if she could give it a try so I handed her a Triscuit and the guacamole and all I could hear is Jan and her brother inquired asking that taste good? A grab and go cup of guacamole. It must have sounded delicious as we headed to the school because of course my daughter is curious and asked if she could give it a try so I handed her a Triscuit and the guacamole and all I could hear is Jan and her brother inquired asking his sister, that taste good?

It was a rap, I never got the guacamole or Triscuits back in furthermore my daughter asked if I could pack her some for lunch the next day!

A healthy snack sourced with fiber and healthy fats!

Brain Food and Taking The Lead

My baby Rey Rey’s first day of school, Kindergarten that is, and I was a nervous wreck! Why? This was a big step from just attending a daycare. It was time for her to take the lead in small responsibilities as now a student! 

Not only that but it was being done a non Traditional way- 100% distant learning through a chrome tablet to connect with her Kindergarten teacher. 

Rey was so excited though. Her ambition and imagination takes her to a place of happiness when she gets to learn something new. 

I could tell this new way of school already was rubbing off on Bubs because he wanted to be a part of learning her stuff too. Lol. 

The first day went great for her and gave me relief. 😂 

A Natural Leader

To finish off a successful day I told the kiddos I was going to do a quick workout before dinner. … of course they wanted to do it too! 🙄

But it was different this time. As I was getting ready to do my own work out I could hear Rey in the back ground talking as if she was teaching her own workout class “today we are going to start off with 10 burpees!” 

I turned around and she was gettin it with the burpees, so I yelled out Rey take me through your workout and babygirl did just that!

She took lead and was like she transformed into a teacher. 

I would ask her what’s next and how many reps and she would confidently answer. 

Leading Instructor

It’s A beautiful thing you know your child has been to a place where they maturity has gone up in minutes and we can allow them to take the lead in certain things that you’re only build their confidence but teaches them to be leader. 

After the workout was complete she was so proud of herself but I was even prouder. 

Kid Nutrition:

This was some of their “brain food” the day before the “big day” of kindergarten. 

I was actually getting my lunch prepared for work the next day and had sliced up some nice bright and colorful bell peppers and placed a bag of Gala apples out on the counter. With such interest in what I had laid out here they come alongside of me asking if they could have some. 

Of course!! All these pack of nutrients, you sure can!!

Again, what we provide, that the kids see, influence their habits. 😉


Learning To Believe In Themselves…& Time for Coffee Cake

I share this with you because as a mother it can be so easy to want to help your child in every way you can, but on the other side of it you want them to learn themselves by giving tough love. It’s so difficult because you don’t want your child to fail but cottling will make it worse before it could ever get better. 

Rey has the athletic ability and showed that at an early age. She’s also showed a lot of Ambition and competitiveness. Not sure if where she got that from but she got it 😉😉

Anywho, out of nowhere she got this bright idea and urge to want to jump over a bush that stands in front of our porch. She was soooo sure she could do it and I KNEW she could, because I have seen her jump. 

I told her that I knew she could and even jumped over it to give her a bit of motivation. 

Even with showing and giving her words of encouragement, right when it came time for her to jump, she got scared, which then turned into anxiety and she ended up overreacting and acting out. She didn’t want to jump but also didn’t want to give up. she kept making excuses as to why she couldnt jump, as though she was talking herself out of it. “It’s too high, there’s spiders in the bushes” all kinds of excuses. 

I gave all the patience I could muster after still trying to root her own, knowing she could do it and that she was making more tough on herself. I finally told her to try another day. 

I KNEW she could do it and she knew it too but today just wasn’t her day, even when she had good intentions. I wasn’t going to keep pushing her because it could have got worse. 

Later on the next day she says “Mommy I want to jump the bush” so I walked out on the porch, but this time I didn’t focus on her, I acted like I was doing other things,strategically allowing her to focus on her and not me watching. This is what happened:

We have to let them learn how to believe in themselves and give them whatever time they need to  without them feeling the pressure. We will always be there number one support and motivation but sometimes that can be overwhelming for them just have to give them the time to build that confidence that they finally act and do it. 

Once they do, it’s smooth like butter 👊🏽

The Jump

Nutritious and delicious

Saw this SNACK HACK recipe and wanted to feature it in the parent and kid blog because it brought back memories of when I was a kid!! COFFEE CAKE!!! Growing up as a “Daycare Child” Coffee cake was a breakfast favorite. 

This Coffee Cake recipe is provided my friend Molly Linek, RD

Coffee Mug Cake

A soft, homemade, easy and single serving coffee cake in a mug recipe.


● 3 tbsp spelt, white, oat, or almond flour

● 1/4 tsp baking powder

● 1/16 tsp salt

● pinch uncut stevia OR 1 tbsp sugar

● 1 tbsp + 2 tsp water, or 1 egg

● 2 tsp oil – or applesauce

● 1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract

For The Streusel

● (If you like a lot of streusel feel free to double all ingredients below)

● 1/8 tsp cinnamon

● 1 1/4 tsp sucanat or brown sugar, or keto sweetener

● 1/4 to 1/2 tsp oil or butter, or applesauce for low-fat

● tiny pinch salt

● 2 pecan or walnut halves

● Instructions

Combine batter dry ingredients and mix well. Add wet and mix until just mixed.

In a tiny bowl, combine all streusel ingredients. Fill a greased mug.  Sprinkle on two-thirds of the streusel, then spoon the remaining batter on top. Finally, sprinkle on the rest of the streusel. Microwave around 1 minute.

Microwave times will vary, depending on microwave wattage.

For the entire recipe:

● Calories: 130

● Fat: 2 g

● Carbs: 25 g

● Protein: 4.5 g

● Fiber: 4 g