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The Blueberry taste tester

For those of you who have younger children or grandchildren do you have creative ways of getting little ones to try different foods?

I’ve shared similar stories in the past in my blogs but this one was the cherry on the top for me with my son.

He had developed a slight cold with sniffles, and the first thing I knew I needed to get his immune system boosted back up, outside of the multivitamins the kids get, was real whole foods such as berries. He loves strawberries and clementines but always shied away from blueberries and I think it’s just because of how they look.

He is also on this kick, like I think any other 3 to 5 year old boy would be, is action super hero’s. He loves him some Spiderman “Myles Morales”, So I figured if I introduce the blueberry, knowing that it was sweet to taste but also that it would give superhero power that he would consider trying it.

I honestly placed the phone across the table not even knowing if it was going to get us in view but it did! It was perfect to see his reaction and mine as well. I honestly forgot the phone was there because I got so into seeing if he was going to try the blueberry or not.

Cheers to trying to make it work with the kiddos!


Time for a massage

So it started out as just a habit that I did after taking an old hairstyle out of my daughters hair. I would massage her head, just to loosen up her hair and give her scalp some TLC. It turned into a must for my daughter. She gets excited when I tell her its time to take down a hairstyle to do another, because she knows a massage is coming. Just in case she thinks I forgot, she will say “Mommy, will you rub my head?” Its just the sense of touch, and it feels good.

Parents, I am not talking about a light rub or pat on the head, I am talking about a massage! I thought it was just Reygan who really enjoyed getting her head massaged, but I was wrong.

I tried it on my son and niece- Their whole demeanor changed! You can just feel them relax. Their shoulders relax and their eyes droop. Its incredible.

I honestly believe that when our kids get overwhelmed, anxious or just getting tired, a short massage is the best time to step in. Sometimes I do it just cause. I literally massage their heads for no more than 1 minute and they appreciate it.

Not only is this a great way to give some sort of relaxation to our kids, but it is also a great way to snuggle and connect with our kiddos.

Give it a try!! Please shoot me a post if you gave your kiddo a massage!

The Massage

Parent and Kid Blog

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Career Day Shadowing

I remember back in the day where it was bring your parent to school aka Career day, so the the parent would share with the students what was cool about their job and why they chose that career. 

 Reygan has really shown an interest in exercise and I think it’s just because she enjoys it and thinks it’s fun. So The other day as I was training a client I did a little “career day” of my own with her and asked if she would like to participate in part of the workout by joining in on a training session with one of my fabulous training clients. let me tell you she acted like she was a training client. Hilarious.

Every once in a while it’s good to have your children experience what it’s like for a parent to work with someone they get the experience first hand. 

Check it out 

Career Day

Namaste Kids

I love the fact that While both Morris and I are at work and the kids are at school, we can receive productivity reports during their day at school. Specifically speaking, an update popped up on my phone that sparked my interest to ask bubs specifically about yoga poses. It also got Rey excited because she had similar experiences. I am so glad they have these opportunities 

This is what they had to share…


Rey makes her lunch

Every day is a routine, I make the kids lunches so they are ready to go the next day. But this week was different! As I was getting up from the table to get prepared to make the kids lunch my daughters started yanking on my arm saying mommy I want to make lunches today! She was so serious so I took this opportunity to have her share how Steve makes and chooses her lunch.

I was very impressed

Check it out!

Having fun packing a lunch

They will be the Beneficiaries of your True Self

Please listen below


Hard Days Off

Let me tell you, it’s tough being a kid! LOL Reagan has been more than a month into her kindergarten and is loving it but the major change that I noticed from daycare compared to kindergarten is it has eliminated naptime!

The first day I noticed how tuckered out she was with her first official school day and as We drove home I was just chatting it up with her and was wondering why she was so quiet until we got into the driveway and I turned around and she was knocked out! 🤣

So much new information to receive, new friends to meet it just keeps the brain activity ACTIVE during a time where she would normally have taken a nap. 

A while back I shared the importance of making sure your child is getting a complete balance nutrition especially when they are in school because there is so much activity being involved in required of them their body Has to be prepared for it in one way is providing the nutrients to keep their energy up. 

My awareness is heightened and I make sure she has her breakfast before she starts her day. And every morning she gets her multivitamins. 

Although she may be tired by the end of her school day we know that she is alert and ready to go during her school day just by the reports from her teachers. Concentration is important. 

If they are not able to concentrate during the day it’s either because they have not gotten enough sleep the night prior, nutrition is not up to par or it could be both. 

Eventually her body will adjust to the new regimen, but the key components will be to make sure the kiddos are getting enough sleep as well as nutrient dense foods that will help supplement through their day!

My Kid The Ambassador

Rey becomes the Ambassador for Parent and kid blog! Take this as an intro to Rey As I know she is excited to continue to share her perspective into health and fitness

Indoor exercises for the family and outdoor obstacle course

I wasn’t surprised when Rey said “Mommy, I want to do a video for people” so I asked her what she wanted to share and she said she wanted to start by sharing a video outdoors and then wanted to do one indoors. So for all you parents out there with your kiddos for the outdoor activity the purpose Was for kids to come up with their own obstacle course when playing at the playground. Make it your own! 

For the indoor, she wanted to share three exercises everyone can do as a family you choose how many reps of each exercise you do together!

I definitely think all of this stems from not just watching mommy create her own videos but from watching YouTube kids and seeing younger kids to their own. I am so excited to see where this goes for her as she becomes her own! She is such a natural 

Check it out!

Rey Shares

When Can I Eat Vegetables?!

HAs your child ever started a sincere conversation with you and all while you’re listening your giggling inside because they are so serious?

That’s exactly what happened in my conversation with my daughter.   She started off conversation talking about a kid in her class who is fastest then I’ll see other kids and they never win a race against him. Although she was speaking to me it was As if she were talking to herself as well trying to figure out why the kid was so much faster than her. When she posed the question maybe it’s because he eats more vegetables and that’s when she asked me ”When can I eat vegetables? It made me laugh out loud not just by the question, but how she asked in all seriousness. My son, listening in on the conversation and decided to chime in “I want to grow big too! “ 

The moral of this story as a parent when we share the importance of health we hope that it sticks with our children as they continue to explore in the world. It’s out there to see how my daughter connected performing well with eating healthy. 

the conversation translated into a workout a couple days later…

As we walked through the park she just kept doing cartwheels noting it was her workout. Anyone else’s child done this? 🤷🏽‍♀️