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Identify Fitness Game- 

Every now and then I like to throw in a couple nontraditional workouts for my clients just to keep them on their toes. The other day I introduced the alphabet fitness game to one of my clients and they absolutely loved it and kept on saying how they wanted to introduce this to their family and do this as a family. 

When it comes to my children I obviously make it age-appropriate but definitely throw the learning curve in it as well. So if you have young children, why not make it fun with creating a work out learning game?

I already had learning card that I have been using with the kids during the quarantine and decided to use them to correlate with Fitness. 

I wrote on paper various exercises that I knew they were capable of performing safely and enjoy doing when they work out with Mommy. 

They would have to identify the card correctly in order to perform the exercise. 

This kind of activity works great for kids pre K through elementary because they are full of energy and willing to learn. 

Check it out!

Learn & Exercise

Nutrition? The salad tutorials have been a success and with this video it proves that the kids love helping and will at least try something (I.e Bubs) 

Parents…. Try ANYTHING that you think your kids will enjoy- Bring them to the table and have fun! For mine, right now, the salad bowl tutorials are a hit! I look forward to trying something new at the table and see how they do!

Check it out!

Our Salad

The Patience Challenge

Never would I have thought doing the “fruit snack” challenge would teach my youngest patience. He is one, that if he wants some thing he wants it now and will have a tantrum (you know I’m not having it 🤣) 

I used the word patience with him not long ago and he asked what that meant so these were the best examples I could give and actually having him practice it. Although he can still be very eager or frustrated when he wants something, this is the prime time for him to learn!! 

I know he is learning because there has been more than one occasion he will run into the kitchen, sit at the table and say “Mommy, I am going to sit and wait until the food is done. I’m being patient!” I smile because he is catching on. 

Slowly but surely the habit will form. It’s not just about  Learning how to be patient with food but he’s learning the habit of being patient with all sorts of things as he continues to grow. not everything that is wanted is going to be ready when he wants it to be. If he wants it he will learn to wait until it’s ready for him. A great life lesson. 

In this one instance he’s stood next to the oven waiting for the pizza to be ready. He just stood there quietly looking at the pizza get prepared. I said “Bubs, are you waiting patiently for the pizza to be ready?” With a smile on his face he said “yes I am waiting to hear the ding!” 🤣🤣🤣

Enjoy these clips! 

Cookie and Pizza Challenge aka Patience

Nutrition & Fitness

Reygan is really starting to like the nutrition tutorials where she can add her in a little twist in. She always starts out as very shy and once she gets going There’s no stopping her! Salads seem to be the easiest way to go in most healthiest and she really enjoys that but I think we are going to branch off in the near future with other nutritious kids meals that we can share with other parents and kids. Creating this kind of atmosphere I think not only makes it fun and healthy but also continues to build a great relationship between the parents and kids. Please enjoy our nutritious and delicious salad video!

Nutritious Salad Tutorial

As far as the fitness part, with my husband and I focusing more on a intentional and structured routine during the quarantine the kids have become more involved. The first video clip was like a fitness family affair where we all were doing our own thing and helping each other out. In the second video is a totally different day where it was just Daddy working out with the kids and I snuck downstairs To see what was going on and this is what I caught! To see them doing their own thing and replicating what they see mommy and daddy do was too cute!

Family Fitness

Lead By A Healthy Example

There are a couple things as a parent I have noticed the kids cling on to that formed their habits. I have said this before and will continue saying it, kids at a very young age absorb everything they see in here and that’s how their habits are formed. As a parent with a leadership role I have flunked so many times but I learn from them. 

Sometimes I regret introducing the taste of sweetness to my kids at an early age but I didn’t take it too hard on myself because I wanted them to just experience being a kid as I once did.

The only difference this time around is Although they eat healthy majority of the time they tend to ask for something sweet all the time. It came to a head for me how annoyed I was, that they would ask for something sweet all of the time! such as a juice box or “mommy, can I have a treat since I ate my food?” 

Whhhhat?! I started looking more into the reasons why they would ask all the time and it hit me that they were only following in the footsteps of what they were seeing. I know I’ve talked about this in a blog a while back and every once In a while life reminds you of similar situations, just a different  experience. 

This experience, Since being in quarantine my nutrition has been ebbs and flow. it definitely became proof that when they would see me drinking something sweet or simply eating ice cream they would want something similarly.

If they see mommy or daddy doing it then that must mean that it’s OK.

At least in my household it has proven true that as a parent when you lead by example of habits that you carry they will follow that same pattern. 

When I drink more water, the less they stop asking for juice in the more they ask for water. When I say I’m going on a walk for some fresh air and exercise they want to do the same. Here recently I captured a couple videos of healthy habits that when we as parents make visible and audible, of our choices they will follow suit as well.

I am definitely that parent who wants my kids to enjoy the splendors of just being a kid but I don’t want it to be so consistent that that’s all they know (treats, juice etc) I want them to have a healthy balance of knowing how much is too much of something but most importantly how to maintain a healthy lifestyle overall. 

Guess what? That foundation always starts with the parents so as long as they continue seeing me treat myself with things that wouldn’t be supportive to a healthy lifestyle they are going to do the same. It’s all in the matter of actually being cognitive of it all. 

And sometimes that can really be hard as a parent because we can be all in our emotions for whatever reason we are dealing with. I know I have, where I just feel like I’ve had a long day or a draining day and my go to is ice cream. (I absolutely love my chunky monkey) and will eat it right in front of the kids or drink one of their juice boxes. That is fair game for the kids to I want to do the same thing. 

Here are two prime examples of when the parents show healthy habits, the kids will do the same. 

Hope it puts a smile on your face!


It’ll make you fast

Clean & Healthy

Health And Fit Day

There’s not too often during this Quarantine time that we’ve actually had an actual Health and fit day. We have definitely been focusing in on those precious moments and quality time, But nothing specific to actual nutrition and fitness but today was the day and we had so much fun! I encourage parents to find a day or a weekend to dedicate a healthy and fit day that your kids and yourself can enjoy.

Rey Rey and I started out with our fitness routine and completed two rounds. Check out this routine you can do with your little one.

Fit Day

Later on in the day it hit me that I had all of the fixings to make another scrumptious salad and Rey Rey wanted to have a hand in making it so we went ahead and made a video. Check it out!

Healthy Nutrition Day

Pick a day and figure out what moves you want to do with you kiddos AND what healthy snack/meal you can make TOGETHER!

Quality Time and Precious Moments

Quality Time- Having a late night frosty with my daughter

The other day while taking Rey our for a bike ride we got to witness a father and daughter fishing in the neighborhood pond. We stopped by the pond to skip some rocks before we continued on with the bike ride. Just as we were leaving we got to see the little girl, who could t be more than 4 years old, catch a fish!! It was so neat and to see the little girl and fathers face. A Precious moment and quality time between that father and daughter. 

 The longer we stay in quarantine the more I realize that it’s not just the adults who have to deal with all the changes that have occurred, but definitely so have the kids. Although we as parents have to lead and make decisions, our kids need just as much relief and understanding through this as we do. Days are challenging because it seems like kids energy never let up while as a parent, our patience and energy feels zapped. 

I’m reminded that this quarantine time is THE VERY time to make quality time and precious moments count and matter the most. No matter how unmotivated we may be, our kids will remember. 

I saw this shared by my friend and Pastor, Jordan Smucker, on Instagram and wanted to share it as it ties in wonderfully with this blog on quality time and precious moments 


I encourage you to capture the moments as much as you can during this time. It does do a body good (Moreso the mind) because as I, the parent, look back on it my heart can feel light knowing I was a part of my childrens quality time and creating precious moments. 

Here are some of the precious moments and quality time I captured this past week!

Capture A Moment

Precious Moments

I would LOVE for you to share yours! 


We can be expressive people. I have found that now that the kids are old enough to hold a conversation, I ask them, if it’s possible to act it out or show me what they are saying. I’ve found it productive for them physically AND mentality because it can have them express on both ways in how they explain things. They really get into it!

show their super speed

My husband and I have been doing this recently and I love it!

My kids have been acting like superheroes (thus the cape Rey is wearing) So I asked what kind of super power they had and they wanted to be super fast shooting from one room to the other. So one “quick” game I had them act out their power was to see how long it would take to get from The bottom of the steps to the top and this was the result. I felt that it wasn’t enough for them just to tell me what superpower they had but to show it and I really think for their little minds they felt empowered to show it. It shows in their smile and reactions. 

 In the same night, We found a toy chick 🐥 from Easter, Once you wind it up it hops around the floor. Our son was so intrigued that he started telling us what it was doing so we asked him to act out what the chick was doing and the kids joined in. 

We got them being active!

Act it out!


A few “Ingredients” used by my friend

For adults we have some ways we can Relax and detox our bodies from impurities: Just a couple popular ways we do that, is from using the steam room or sauna. 

Well what about children? Their small bodies still absorb impurities just like adults do. 

Although they may not be able to use a steam room and sauna, They have a a relaxing, fun, safe and healthy way to detox their bodies too!

Just earlier this week one of my good friends posted a link about How to give your children a detox bath. She has 4 beautiful children and shared How she gives a detox bath for them. I wanted to share this vital information because every so often it’s very beneficial to do this for our children as well. It’s one thing to give our children a bath where they can enjoy the bubbles but it’s another thing to give them a detox bath. So many great benefits.

Check out this article below on how to put a detox bath together for your kiddo and how they gain the benefits from it


I got this idea off of a post I saw on Facebook and then made it into my own. I figured it would be a great little conversation with the kids and see what their first response would be to each question. I Chose 16 questions to ask purposely (with a fitness question slid in there 😉) so that they could perform it but just to have them interact was a great way to have a conversation with parent and child. You should do the same!

You can come up with your own questions and make it creative so when you ask the question you can have them express it in different ways rather than them just answering it.


Parent: what’s your favorite dance move?
Child: The running man!

Parent: Show me….

Check out my babies responses to the questions I asked.

The Questions…

Have fun!!


Since The stay in was ordered There were a lot of changes made within the household as everyone across the world has had to make. For us, being that both mommy and daddy are  working from the house we have to make sure the kids stay proactive as well. It was easy when we will drop off the kids at school and head to work everything was taken care of but now that is not the situation so it’s a collaboration of both school and work within the same household. 

As much of a challenge as it has been this far, we have been able to manage. From my last weeks Parent and Kid blog  I have caught on fast that when keeping your kids engaged and making sure that they’re still learning you have to teach them in different ways that are going to keep them involved.

Instead of following the format that I had originally planned out, which worked for a good few days, I called my sister who is a daycare teacher and she reminded me that the kids attention spans are short so you have to be very patient and do learning in short spouts. 

One evening I just sat down and thought about things I used to do as a child that kept my attention and I had fun with. It was a Non-conventional way of learning but it worked and I had fun doing it. 

I pulled out the Simon Says game which would help with memory and pattern. I introduced the game slap jack for reaction time and focus. 

we’ve use the punching bag and with each punch they either had to count to 10 in Spanish or English. 

For recess time during the day to keep them active and “sane” While mommy and daddy are on ZOOM conference calls, I had the kids pull out some of their favorite toys and hula hoops and take them out to the backyard. I would roll up and sit by the window while I was in a meeting and the kids played. 

Another accomplishment regarding nutrition was eating veggies….from the non veggie eater, Bubs. He actually gave a thumbs up on cauliflower! Heeeey. 

We have to do what we have to do!!! We can do this. Everything we do may be out of the norm, but as long as we put in the effort and staying consistent, that is all that matters!

Here’s a compilation of health, fitness and trying to be creative with learning throughout our stay in! Enjoy!

Keep It Creative

Wanted to finish off and share this daily devotional prayer o we our children:

pressures and stresses that have been brought on by social media alone are strong.

Please intervene in these children’s lives and hearts so that they may come to know Your love.

May their identity be grounded in You.

May they know that their worth comes from You.

I lift up the children that are victims of bullying or are under the immense pressure to “fit in.”

Let Your Holy Spirit watch over them and protect their hearts.

Please help me to be an encouragement to the children in my life.

I pray for a generation of children that will grow into strong followers of Jesus and who will work towards making the world a place full of God’s grace and love.

Please help each child to grow as Jesus did…

And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature,

and in favor with God and men.
Luke 2:52

In Jesus’ name I pray,