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Germs, Bacteria, I’m Sick 😷 Oh My!

I LOVE the fall but I know that as soon as temperature changes start getting cooler Take it prepared for the germs and bacteria to start spreading. Especially now that the kids are back in school it’s like open season for the cough and sniffles to begin.
When immune system starts getting weak, especially with children, it can get bad! The coughing, sneezing, the snot, it’s just horrible. Although sometimes preventing a cold can be inevitable, we most certainly can shorten the time children have to suffer through a cold.

In our home, We always keep disinfectant wipes and spray around making sure that the kiddos are covering their mouth when they cough or sneeze, using a tissue instead of their hand to wipe their nose, and most importantly washing the germs off of their hands.

Although their immune system may be vulnerable it’s always good to still keep them moving and supplying them with fruits, vegetables and antioxidants their bodies need to fight off viruses.

It always happens, that if a child comes home with any form of what may be a cold, it will circulate and parents will get tagged with it too. During the cooler/colder season I like to brew Moringa and Green Tea because of the powerful antioxidants and benefits it has. I like to drink my tea either hot or cold. When I make a lot of tea, the rest that I don’t drink gets put in the fridge and for some reason the kids absolutely love it. The tea is decaffeinated, and I’m glad they enjoy it because they could be asking for juice. Lol I do however, only give them so much because tea, with the different herbs that it contains can leave you feeling “dry”. Everyday the kids get their vitamin gummy as an immune booster as well.

With these continued habits and making sure that they keep some type of physical activity and supportive nutrition I noticed that their colds or whatever is bugging them doesn’t stay around long.

Unfortunately and recently my Rey Rey was very agitated and could not stay still, so I took her to the doctors to find out that she had an ear infection☹️
Once the antibiotics were given it was like night and day within the first day of the antibiotics getting into her system. It was as if she never had the ear infection. I am glad to report she is on the road to a better Rey Rey. Now bubs is beginning to cough. You know how it goes! We are on it though!

The quicker I notice how their immune system responds to the habits we create in helping them get better, that lets me know that it is working effectively and to stick with it.

I will say this to parents, stay proactive in keeping a constant routine and stay adamant about it especially during this cold season. If your kiddo shows ANY sign of what could be a cold, start acting now, not just with them but with you too! The earlier we can catch it the better and likelihood of a cold diminishing in half the time in would normally take.

Keep disinfectant in the house- Any time your child forgets to cover their mouth, get to spraying and wiping off tables etc around…and then of course off to wash their hands. Of course we all should know this, and we do, but its the ACTION part and sticking with it, is what is important.

Cheers to the new season! 🥂


We’ve come to this park in our neighborhood all summer long and have seen people come on and off the trail that leads to the playground, all the time. One reason I took a break from taking the kids on the trails was because, one, it was just too hot. The other reason….insects, especially Ticks. I can’t do it. I’d rather enjoy time when the weather is cooler and less insect infested. Better yet, they enjoy running through the leaves 🍁and looking for the biggest leaf they can find. 
When the seasons change I love allowing the kiddos to explore and observe the change from summer to fall. I don’t know what about the season change it is, but I observe a boost of fall energy from them. Man, Bubs acts like he had a sugar load since the fall weather has crept in.
As you can see below in this video they were full of energy. It surprised me because Bubs actually lead the way most of the time JOGGING the way back to the playground🤣🤣

So fun to see them have fun again exploring through another trail…and blazing it 🤣

Enjoying the Fall Trail

Birth Control

At my managers meeting the other day just to start it off the question was give a highlight of your week so far or highlight of your weekend. As we went around the table 4 out of the six people shared highlights that included their children:

One involved their child getting a fish hook stuck in their thumb, the other, a new mother was struggling with sleep, and another other had drama unfold with their child getting invited to a party and their best friend didn’t, therefore the friend got upset and it turned into parents getting involved and sharing their frustration on social media. 🤦🏽‍♀️

My highlight involved on a Saturday, taking the kids to Rockin Jump then to eat then to the park then to Lynd farms, no rest in between. The following day we head to church, attended a park day where my kids wanted to run up a mountainous hill, and ended with my daughter losing a baby tooth while playing in a bouncy house. 🤪

Rockin Jump
Rockin Jump
Momma had a lol fun although I was tired and had a cold
At the Park
At Lynd Farms carrying a big ol’ Cabbage

After hearing all the stories that involved children, of the two staff members in the meeting that did not have children, one was tallying up the stories he heard and made the comment “yep, that’s considered birth control for me!”. 🤣🤣🤣

Although it was funny, we, the parents, made mention that although it’s a lot of work, we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Outdoor Activity Day!

Fun with the kiddos

Today was just one of those days where mommy did not feel like heading to the park even though the kids really wanted to, so instead I asked what they would like to do staying close to home aka the front yard.

First thing they wanted to do was to take their little mini car for a stroll around the block. I knew that wasn’t the end of their playtime so we grabbed all of the goodies in the garage they showed interest in and we had some fun.

As they played I thought of small activities they would enjoy that could be used in different ways. Hula Hoop, Skippet, and chalk. 

Other than just the normal hoop I had them hop through it making different angles for them to try when jumping.

As they were playing with the chalk it reminded me back when I was younger, How all of my cousins, sister and I will play with chalk. One fun game we would play would be hopscotch! I also tried to add a fun learning component to it by adding shapes with the numbers.

We stayed outside rotating through these activities for at least a good 30 to 40 minutes. They were definitely tired by the time they headed to bed.

The Activities


So now that the kids are back in school another side of mommy mode kicks in.

The school that Reygan and Brendan are attending provide a midmorning breakfast and a mid afternoon snack, so I keep that in mind. Even in knowing that, I want to try to provide enough options and enough food for the kids Because I always have a fear that they will still be hungry. With kids being so active I want to make sure I provide enough and not underdeliver.

I may not be on point every single time I pack their lunches, but I always try to provide a balance of Foods. It always varies.

As you can see both Rey’s and Brendan’s lunch differs. Still working on Bubs with his veggies but we’re making progress.

So far, what I have offered has been enough.

Other foods options I may Provide in their lunches will sometimes be a turkey or peanut butter and jelly sandwich, mashed potatoes, fruit pouches, yogurt tubes etc.

The daily reports I receive back by the end of the day is either “clean plate” or “most”.

The lunch box



  • Chicken sausage links
  • fruit
  • oatmeal


  • Turkey sausage
  • pretzels
  • mandarin oranges cup
  • juice box



  • Biscuits
  • Fruit: pineapple and strawberries


  • Turkey sausage
  • peas and corn
  • mandarin oranges cup
  • Juice box

Moral of the blog- try to give variety and give more than usual. It’s better to provide more than not enough. They’re in the growing and active stage of life!

Kids Choose!

Time to share another kid friendly workout!

This time around the kids shared with me what exercises they wanted to do. We all collectively came up with a couple exercises we wanted to perform and we combined it together to make a workout.

Mommy requested: squats

Bubs request: Jumping jacks

Rey’s request: Quick step ups and kickbacks… only she decided to take it one step further and kickback onto the couch. 🤪

The workout

Active Kid Toys

Does anyone remember this?

My moms generation called it The Footsie

My generation we called it The Skippet

The now generation, I have no clue what they call it, but either way it’s the same thing!!

A good friend got what I like to call the “Active Fun pack” for Reygan, for her birthday. Reygan was soooo excited to use it all, but The Skippet caught her attention the most.

For parents looking for something to add more value to your kids play time, consider looking for a “Active Fun Pack!” Not only can you take this along with you if you take your kids to the playground, but if you dont feel like going, they can use this right in the front yard! I’ve done it plenty of times and the kids still enjoyed themselves.

These particular toys you see act as a means for fun and play but they also play a major role in keeping a kid active! This can be both outdoor AND indoor!

Rey especially loves the “Skippet” Because she sees how long she can do it for by the time she’s done she is wore out LOL

Get it!

Managing Kids with Anxiety

I read a news letter this week that mentioned a workshop for parents on how to manage situations that creates anxiety on their kids. 

It got me to thinking….the way anxiety affects an adults health, has the same impact on a child as well.

When you think about a child, I could only imagine what is going on in their minds as small as they are living in this big world and not knowing how to deal with everything that surrounds them. Especially from the age 0-6, with everything being so new to them, they don’t know how to respond or cope to certain situations as an adult would. That’s why they cling and depend on us in everything they do. I could see how that could and creates a lot of anxiety. 

One huge example that I know not only affects children but also parents, is a child’s first day at school. For most kids they do wonderful but for others who have never attended daycare or a school setting, that builds a lot of anxiety and stress on them being surrounded by people they don’t know and having to leave them there for a full day! 

I learned how to manage that with my children by making sure to take them places (park/playgrounds, birthday parties, church) that would allow them to get used to an environment where they would not only be surrounded by kids but interact. It doesn’t solve the possibility of anxiety fully but it surely does make a huge difference and helps in transitioning to similar situations such as school. 

My daughter she seemed a little apprehensive the first couple days attending her new school but was just fine. My son on the other hand, it’s taken him a little longer and I could definitely see his emotional shift change when dropping him off in his class, how he reacts. He gets upset and scared. I could understand why, being that he has absolutely no idea who his teacher is or the kids he is surrounded by. 

However I’m thankful that all the time Leading up to the kids starting back to school, that they learned how to interact with other kids. Within a hour or two of dropping them off, I would receive pictures from the teachers of my smiling babies having fun.

Another example I became aware of involved My daughter. I think she creates anxiety build up When she hears loud noises, or I ask her to turn on a light in a dark room. She freaks out. If I am upstairs and she’s downstairs and I yell out her name to come up, she immediately freaks out and says mommy you scared me, crying hysterically. I have to calm her down to tell her it’s OK. 

I believe not knowing how to manage that could lead to potential issues that, yes, could affect health. 

How I have learned to manage this for my baby is being more aware. Instead of yelling her name, I’ll go to her. If I need her to turn on a light and it’s dark, I’ll be close. Teaching her slowly but surely how to respond to certain situations that causes anxiety, so that she feels more secure and independent in those situations as she gets older. 

It actually wasn’t something that I made myself aware of until I read about that workshop, it clicked. It made me more aware and mindful as a parent, how I can help manage any stressful situations that are in my control, with my kids. 

If I continue to yell her name from across the house and she can’t see me but only hears me yelling, that will continue to be an issue. if I continue to tell her to turn on lights in dark rooms and have her do it by herself, that’s going to continue to build anxiety for her possibly to the point where she’s afraid to go to sleep at night or not want to do things independently on her own as she gets older.

Having anxiety Especially with reoccurring situations that aren’t managed or addressed, most definitely can affect health wreaking havoc on the immune system. Therefore, Being consistently sick, tired, and just feeling bothered all of the time it’s not a great combination at all!

It’s all a process but important a process as our kids continue to grow. If there are ways, we as parents, can help our kids in different aspects (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual) in their development, we as parents have done our job. 

Another year

Omg how they are growing😭

Both just celebrated their birthdays, Bub’s turning 3 and Rey turning 5!🥳

Observing and listening to parents whose children have already gone through this stage, I am learning and preparing myself. That’s why my health and fitness journey is so important because I know how active they are now and how much more active they will be. I will have to be prepared for it as they continue to grow and connect with certain things in and out of school. My husband and I want to be as involved as we can by doing what we can for our health to be able to continue to see them grow. I believe it’s a responsibility for us to do so. If we as their parents, allow our health to deteriorate because of other priorities, we are going to be in trouble! If there is anything we can do that’s within our capabilities to be healthy and model it.

It’s been a true pleasure already in these five years to see our beautiful babies develop. As we go for another year, I pray for continued growth, good health, strength, and protection over them.

Look out world, cause here they come!

New Schedule, New Emotions

The week of August 12th came all so sudden and even though I knew it was approaching I thought I could be ready emotionally but it proved wrong. 

Literally that whole week, Monday Aug. 12th through Friday Aug. 16th, I was drained. I didn’t feel like doing anything, my workouts were sub par, I ate sub par I was just sub par. I was so overwhelmed and anxious leading up to this week it just carried over.  All the thoughts of what if the kids don’t like their new school, they can’t be without each other, how am I going to adapt all ran through my mind. 

For a year and a half, prior to that week, the kids and I had been on our own schedule, a schedule more flexible, a schedule that allowed me to drive the kids at least 20 minutes to my sisters, while we singed and laughed before I dropped them off to my sisters house and then I headed into work. 

One day a week, Wednesday, we slept in because mommy didn’t have to go to work until late, so they would jump in the bed with me for about a hour then we would get ready and wait until TiTi came over. 

Every week for a year and a half our schedule was just like that. Monday Aug. 12th, that all changed. Just a 5 minute drive with my babies to school, Wednesdays, mommy chilled in the bed herself with no babies by her side. 

New schedule, new emotions. A new schedule that I will have to get used to, which I know will get better quickly. The new emotions of knowing that my kids are growing up, learning new things, making new friends and continuing to live life, is A process you see lived out.