Building Experience

As I reflect on the 2019 year of me being a Momma, I think about all of the things my husband and I have been able to sew into the kids intentionally, that not only would allow them more opportunities but also just to create more passion within themselves, to use their imagination and to know that they are capable of many things.

I have had the blessing of seeing that come to fruition slowly but surely.

However, later in the year, there was one important message my daughter was sewing into me that actually didn’t sink in until it actually began to happen. She had been telling me she had wanted to take a trip back to Florida and how fun it was. (That’s where my hubs family lives).

I noticed when we began to take mini trips to different places, how happy and involved the kids were. Not long ago I ran across an article that stated, taking your children on trips increases their health and experiences.

As I began to dwell on that I kept on thinking about the stress and struggles of taking young children on trips does to a parent, but never once considered what vacation does for a child.
For adults, once you get to the Destination you Can relax, unwind, and enjoy yourself. It got me to thinking that that’s the same for a child and this whole time that’s what my daughter was telling me she wanted to do.

Not only do they get the experience, the fun, and laughter but when they come back they are actually rejuvenated and inspired.

We plan on taking a trip to Florida in the beginning of the new year but I did take notice that the mini trips we did take this year, to new places, how much life was sewn into them. I saw how it overflowed into their normal everyday activities.
Some of the things that they were experiencing on trips, they started using at home.

Taking trips doesn’t have to be often or extravagant but I have realized that it’s definitely a necessity to break the mold of the everyday, go to school and come home.
So I encourage us all who have have children whether young or old, to plan a trip for the fun, the joy, the EXPERIENCES, and the memories that they will take from it all.
These are some of the few mini places/trips we took the kids that have made a difference throughout the year.

Zoo (different season events), Farmers Market, Franklin Conservatory, Fire Station (I love my city Church Projects), Breast Cancer Walk, and Nelsonville, Ohio train station.
Talk about building experience. THIS was one of the best family days we’ve had! The kids had so much fun and experienced A LOT!



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