Build Them Up

As a parent it can be so hard to NOT try to do things for your children, when you know they can do it for themselves.

1) You are afraid they are going to mess it up, so you do it

2) They take too long doing it, so you do it

3) You know how its suppose to be done, so you do it

4) You don’t want them to feel the hurt, frustration or possible failure…so you do it

All of those reasons (but not limited to them) are reasons that I have STOPPED doing some things for them, and have them do for themselves, that I know they are equipped for (for their age). I would be doing a HUGE disservice if every time an opportunity came that my children could learn, and gain experience, yet I stepped in for them, growth would never happen.

I am trying to take those opportunities to build them up, but also for them to build themselves up. I know its opportunities that the children must take, even though I want to do it, because they are so passionate about wanting to do it. Yes, it requires so much patience, but it truly makes a difference.

Taking a bath, brushing their teeth, putting their clothes on, washing dishes, sweeping the floor, taking the dog out, turning the alarm on…the list goes on. The few that I just listed have been awesome confidence builders for them once they got the hang of it. Just to see their smiles and excitement of accomplishment, makes it easier when decisions are made to have them do it on their own.

This video, my son, so badly wanted to help me build this shelf. I could literally see the determination in his eyes that he wanted to do it. Of course, I could have done this on my own and had it together in no time, but the opportunity would have been missed for my son and I couldn’t bare that.

He was a big help!!

Let’s Build



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