Break the Mold-Tambourine Time

This little tiny tambourine that was a part of a birthday favor bag, ended up being a great tool. What started off as just acting silly and having fun, I realized I had to create this into a tradition. Our family loves music and any chance we have, we will create music with our voices, feet, and hands.

I saw this small tambourine on our counter, so I grabbed it and just started playing, stomping my feet and making noise. Not soon after, the kids chimed in, jumping around, smiling and enjoying the racket! We started downstairs, and soon ended upstairs with them jumping on the bed.

Listen, sometimes you have to break the mold of a everyday routine that you get caught in. Wake up, get the kids ready for school, drop them off, go to work, pick up the kids, get lunches and clothes ready for the next day, wash the kids up, get them ready for bed…..its a never ending cycle!

As parents, you can get stuck in it, and for kids they can catch on quick and get bored. I found this simple, UNPREDICTABLE little add in to a routine would be perfect because its a great way to bring back the energy and color in our everyday lives.

Unpredictable? Yes! Using a break out session with the tambourine would be something the kids would not know when the tambourine would be used. When I feel like we need break the monotony, let loose, get the kids active, and just have a happy and fun time, that is when I would use the handy tambourine!

It creates an environment of readiness, excitement in knowing at anytime a tambourine session could break out. Seeing Mommy and Daddy acting out and having fun too makes it even more special for the kiddos.

Check out our Tambourine break out session!

Break Out



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