Brain Food and Taking The Lead

My baby Rey Rey’s first day of school, Kindergarten that is, and I was a nervous wreck! Why? This was a big step from just attending a daycare. It was time for her to take the lead in small responsibilities as now a student! 

Not only that but it was being done a non Traditional way- 100% distant learning through a chrome tablet to connect with her Kindergarten teacher. 

Rey was so excited though. Her ambition and imagination takes her to a place of happiness when she gets to learn something new. 

I could tell this new way of school already was rubbing off on Bubs because he wanted to be a part of learning her stuff too. Lol. 

The first day went great for her and gave me relief. 😂 

A Natural Leader

To finish off a successful day I told the kiddos I was going to do a quick workout before dinner. … of course they wanted to do it too! 🙄

But it was different this time. As I was getting ready to do my own work out I could hear Rey in the back ground talking as if she was teaching her own workout class “today we are going to start off with 10 burpees!” 

I turned around and she was gettin it with the burpees, so I yelled out Rey take me through your workout and babygirl did just that!

She took lead and was like she transformed into a teacher. 

I would ask her what’s next and how many reps and she would confidently answer. 

Leading Instructor

It’s A beautiful thing you know your child has been to a place where they maturity has gone up in minutes and we can allow them to take the lead in certain things that you’re only build their confidence but teaches them to be leader. 

After the workout was complete she was so proud of herself but I was even prouder. 

Kid Nutrition:

This was some of their “brain food” the day before the “big day” of kindergarten. 

I was actually getting my lunch prepared for work the next day and had sliced up some nice bright and colorful bell peppers and placed a bag of Gala apples out on the counter. With such interest in what I had laid out here they come alongside of me asking if they could have some. 

Of course!! All these pack of nutrients, you sure can!!

Again, what we provide, that the kids see, influence their habits. 😉




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