Born To Make A DIFFERENCE is the legacy my grandfather left for his family when the Good Lord decided to call him home. My grandfather always knew that he wanted to leave something special with his family and I had the priveledge to see him work on his book and finish it.

I now leave his book on my desk propped up against a lamp so the light shines on it. Its a constant reminder and motivator for me. When I feel like stopping my work or I feel discouraged, I ask God for the strength and I look over at my grandfather’s book. My grandfather faced much adversity yet persevered, and I want to do the same

The Lord blessed my grandfather to make a difference and I have faith that I can make a difference in what I do. Everything is a process and comes at the time God wants it to. So I embrace it and keep working through it.

I wont say much right now, but I have worked on something for quite a while now that is finally coming together. This is something I truly hope that will Make a DIFFERENCE in other peoples lives.

Just be patient with me and stay tuned!!