BLT Egglett

Bacon 🥓 . Lettuce . Tomato 🍅 Egg 🥚

This food option can be made for Breakfast, lunch or a snack. Higher on the protein side, low carb.

BLT Tutorial

  • Slice Hard boiled eggs in 1/2 (option to keep egg yolk or scoop it out)
  • Bacon (turkey-optional) cut in small pieces
  • slice cherry tomatoes in 1/2
  • Sauce: combine mayonnaise (optional), hot sauce and fresh chives in a bowl
  • Place the sauce in the center of the egg, then lettuce, bacon and tomatoe
  • Place other 1/2 of boiled egg on top (optional) or just eat half
  • calories per egg (if eat whole boiled egg with BLT) < 90 cal.



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