Birth Control

At my managers meeting the other day just to start it off the question was give a highlight of your week so far or highlight of your weekend. As we went around the table 4 out of the six people shared highlights that included their children:

One involved their child getting a fish hook stuck in their thumb, the other, a new mother was struggling with sleep, and another other had drama unfold with their child getting invited to a party and their best friend didn’t, therefore the friend got upset and it turned into parents getting involved and sharing their frustration on social media. 🤦🏽‍♀️

My highlight involved on a Saturday, taking the kids to Rockin Jump then to eat then to the park then to Lynd farms, no rest in between. The following day we head to church, attended a park day where my kids wanted to run up a mountainous hill, and ended with my daughter losing a baby tooth while playing in a bouncy house. 🤪

Rockin Jump
Rockin Jump
Momma had a lol fun although I was tired and had a cold
At the Park
At Lynd Farms carrying a big ol’ Cabbage

After hearing all the stories that involved children, of the two staff members in the meeting that did not have children, one was tallying up the stories he heard and made the comment “yep, that’s considered birth control for me!”. 🤣🤣🤣

Although it was funny, we, the parents, made mention that although it’s a lot of work, we wouldn’t have it any other way!



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