Believe in you, show the confidence, it will shine

I was reminded today of how far I’ve come in my the health and fitness career after reading that Dr. Jen Welter will make history becoming the first female NFL assistant coach. The quote made by Bruce Arians is exactly something very similar my mom once told me when I first started training athletes, especially males.
“I wanted to open that door.  Coaching is nothing more than teaching. The one thing I’ve learned from the players: all they want to know is…”How you going to make me better? If you can make me better, I don’t care if you’re the Green hornet. I’ll listen.”
My mom’s words held true when she said almost the same thing me.  She could tell early in my career that it bothered me when some male athletes would act apprehensive or non-chalet when it came time for me to train them.  She knew my mentality as an athlete, and knew unless a coach/trainer proved me wrong, I would trust them to get me to the next level.
After that talk, I kept my confidence in myself and went on in my career to train high school/college/and pro athletes. My very first male client actually sought me out after watching me train others, and wanted me to help him go from Mixed martial arts to UFC. I trained and prepared him (more of the technical skills since his MA coach would train him more on the tactical) for his first UFC fight and he won. He believed in me and never questioned me.
So I smiled when I saw this article. Good for her and I know she will do great.