Being Crystal… and being FitMom

Parent and Kid Health/ Fitness

We have all heard or said “There is not enough hours in a day to get everything you want, accomplished”. That’s how I feel most days, but I work with what I have. When it comes to being a parent, as any caring and loving parent would, do anything for their children and at times that means a lot of sacrifice, almost enough that you feel like you’ve lost time for yourself.

In saying that, with time, I have stayed in the process with figuring out what works for me, having Crystal time and being Mom. I call myself a FitMom because, to me, it intermingles being Crystal and Mom. My goal is to stay active while also trying my best to incorporate those values of being healthy and active with my kids. Sometimes I have to separate the two of being a mom and being Crystal. I know being a mother is 24/7, but there are times where Mommy needs to keep her sanity and say no.

One good example is, if I’ve taken the kids to the park, we’ve spent our fun time there, then just to come home and play some more, Mommy starts wearing down. Once the kids have finally calmed down and its time to go to bed, they want Mommy to go upstairs and lay with them….This is where Crystal comes out- “No honey, Mommy is laying right here by myself, watch TV, quiet time, I ain’t gettin up” Daddy will put yall to bed.

Sometimes you just have to put your foot down. Its ok to do this! As stated earlier, as much as I would do for my kids, yes I would love to lay in the bed with them til they go to sleep, but some days it just ain’t happin’. I need me time.

“That was great” ~Rey Rey

When it comes to being FitMom, any opportunity I have to take a video of something that relates to health and fitness involving my kids, I want to capture it, not only to capture a few memories, but also to share with others, especially other parents to encourage and throw out ideas that your journey AND theirs can happen, we as parents have to be the leaders.

As I stated in a post I shared a while back:

The life I live, it’s not about being superwoman, it’s about me prioritizing my time and making Sure I don’t let myself give in every single time I think I don’t have the time for myself or for the kids. There will be days where we absolutely can’t fit in a workout or get the healthiest of foods or go out to play with the kids, but if I do have the control over it then I’m going to do the best I can. I just wont beat myself down.

God is awesome and faithful and I’m glad He is allowing me to continue to grow and embrace my process as Crystal and as a FitMom💖



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