Being Coached

When you know you have a passion for what you do and you do it well you take pride in it all due to all the time and work you put in. However, the work and time continues. I have always been taught this principle, Which has kept me humble and grounded: You are never too old or too experienced to learn something new.

My craft, It took time of experience and learning it day by day. Once you’ve gotten the hang of your craft you constantly in a mode of leading and coaching, but there always comes a time and opportunity when you can be coached. I think those authentic opportunities of being coached by others is a blessing in disguise to continue to build your crafting experience and continue to get better. It has nothing to do with pride, thinking you know everything, you’re too good to learn something from someone else. You have to look at it in a perspective of development.

I think from the years of being an athlete and having multiple coaches, great influencers at that, allow me to take experiences of being coached by others in different areas in my life.

in my health and fitness career I can only think of a couple times that I have actually had a personal trainer training me and I loved it. It seems odd that a trainer would have another trainer train them when both know the craft however the accountability and the perspective of the person Training is totally different than the perspective of the person being trained.

Within the last two weeks, I made the decision to get back into being coached and taking myself out of the lead position. Let me tell you it has opened so much knowledge and ideas for me since doing so. Being a fitness manager, I manage 12 other staff Members. Of those 12 staff, I have at least 90% who range 3-15 yrs younger than me.

In these past two weeks I’ve had two younger staff coach me as my trainer, where I listen to their instruction and follow their lead. It’s such a great experience.

Not only have they kicked my butt, but I’m having fun getting my butt kicked and learning in the process of getting my butt kicked! 🤣🤣🤣

Got my butt kicked by one of my young trainers Jonny (far right) great coaching session.

It’s always a plus when you can be coachable. It builds your character and of course builds so much more experience and opportunities for you. Don’t let pride keep you close fisted To being coached and gaining new experiences.



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