Being a Parent and entrepreneur

I still remember the first time I chose to become independent and start putting together how I imagined my health and fitness career would be as an entrepreneur. 

It’s a thin line that you don’t want to severe from all the hard work you’ve put in on your craft, while at the same time, maintaining a special and delicate relationship with your babies. That thin line, I want to be the strongest and healthiest line without it fraying. 

My babies are part of my legacy. 

I’ve learned the hard way through my entrepreneur journey especially after becoming a parent on how to structure and utilize my time with business and being a parent. Having my children ask when I am going to be done to spend time with them is heartwrenching and I knew I had to make changes. 

Having the support as well being humble and putting any pride a side to ASK for support is Essential in being successful as a parent and entrepreneur. 

I came across Charlene’s page about this and wanted to share with other parents who are currently entrepreneurs or thinking about taking that step into entrepreneurship. 

Click on the link below to listen in on Chalene.



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