Behind My Faith

I had just finished up completing some work for the week and ready to just unwind for the weekend. As I was scrolling through my phone on Instagram I came across a story in titled behind her faith. It’s an actual TV show that involves for women who are very successful and examine their personal journeys, highlighting the power of faith as they’re driving force.

I watched this one minute clip of one of the ladies sharing a personal story in her journey and I watched it at least three times with tears in my eyes because I could feel her passion and could relate to her in someway, Especially when she said “God Reminding me of his power to save my life.” 


I just replayed that part over and over.

Behind my personal faith I don’t think I could ever describe in a way that someone could truly understand the connection that I have with the Lord and it started at a very early age. Since then, my faith has never wavered, at times it grew weak at some points in my journey but I never let it fade. What the Lord did for me at a early age set my foundation of faith.

During this quarantine my journey has definitely had its ups and downs but my faith in the Lord caring and guiding me in the right direction has stayed tremendously strong. 

There has been so many times in this season I have felt like I’ve let myself go in my health and my physical fitness and in my mental capacity but deep deep down in my heart I have felt the Lord letting me know that this is only a phase and that his power is greater than any problem that I am going through now and He will get me through it.

There were two ways the Lord showed me his power within one week. There was one specific week where I had let my health just go into the slump’s drinking orange juice having chunky monkey ice cream almost every day and just not putting in time into my fitness. I could definitely feel the outcomes of my choices and I prayed to the Lord knowing I was heavily slacking but my Faith knew that he would get me out of it. That weekend going into a new week I got a sense of empowerment that I knew was nothing but coming from the Lord my mindset quickly changed and I found myself sitting down writing out a fitness plan and preparing healthier meals. He knew my faith that I had that he would get me through that phase and got me into the next phase. I have been feeling so so so much better now. 

The Other day, after playing fetch with My dog Bear 🐻,  I came inside only to be greeted by my daughter and being told that my necklace was just dangling when I looked down I noticed that it had broke and that the pendant that was hanging on it was gone. That pendant has been so special to me because it was one of the first gifts my husband gave me when we were dating and I have had it for at least 10 years now. When I realized the pendant was missing my heart broke but again deep deep in my heart I could hear the Lord telling me it will be OK and to be patient. I was so distraught in thinking that it may never be found in all of the places I had been. I retracted my steps over and over, but no avail. 

Although my faith felt weak in knowing I may not find it, I could strongly feel the Lord working on my heart telling me to trust in him. Do you know almost 2 days later, He lead me DIRECTLY to the pendant. When I say directly I mean RIGHT TO IT, It was like He directed me on the path and told me to look down. 

These two stories are minimal to other behind my faith stories I could share, but I felt we’re worth sharing in my embrace the process journey. 

Behind my faith is a lot of substance. A lot of what I do, think and believe is based off of my faith experiences. 

What is behind your faith? 



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