Beginner/Intermediate Workout

*Mountain Climbers (first exercise performed) are shown high impact first and then I go right into the low impact version follows-YOU CHOOSE WHICH IMPACT FITS YOU THE BEST- This exercise can also be performed at a higher incline position
*The 2nd exercise performed are shown low impact first (slight knee bend) and then the high impact (90 degree knee bend) version follows- This particular exercise can be done with or without a step board.
-Choose whichever suites best for YOU

*The 3rd exercise performed is using a resistance band- Bicep into Triceps extension Kickback. When performing the bicep curl, palms are facing AWAY from your body. When going into the Triceps Extension kickback, turn your palms TOWARD your body.

*The 4th exercise performed is Lying Hip Raise. Start by crossing at your ankles, arms to your side. Tighten your core muscles (abdominals) and pull your lower back to the floor). From there, your goal is to raise your hips, buttocks from the floor. Even if you cannot get high off from the floor, ITS OK! The tightening of the core muscles and movement itself, you are still sure to feel!

**Each exercise can be done with a count (reps) of 10, 12, or 15. Once all 4 exercises are complete, rest for 1-2 minutes then repeat for another round. How many rounds completed depends on current fitness level.
Minimum 2 rounds, Max 6 rounds