Be The Hype Parent

I know I have probably mentioned this a while back but felt this was the most appropriate time to talk about it again and the importance of being the hyper parent. 

Our children absorb our actions and our emotions Greatly when they are young and it actually develops into the kind of person they will be as they grow up. 

When they see their parents celebrate for no reason, just to be happy, it does something in a powerful and wonderful way for them. 

I tend to be a hype parent often because I love seeing my kids face light up and show them that we as parents can have fun and demonstrate fun, laughter and excitement. 

During this specific season, I have already received sad news about other friends who are in situations that you would not wish on anyone.  

When you receive not so good news I’ve learned that if you dwell on it and in it so deep, your kids draw into that, they can see it and it can bring them down.

Even as a parent if we are going through our own struggles or hurting for someone else remember that our kids are always watching and feeling our emotions. 

On this specific day in the video I had received word that one friend had passed and another had received some bad news. I knew that my kids we’re excited about going to see the lights and I did not want to spoil that for them at all with the emotions that were going on through me.

I prayed and let God take over all of the matters. I turned into the hype parent And allowed joy to take over me so that the kids could see that and this is what came from it.   It actually made me feel a lot better. 


So I encourage parents out there to ever so often be that hype person, not just for your kids but for yourself as well because it does the mind body and soul good. 



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