Barnes & Noble Columbus Zoo Day!

Sooooo,  Wednesdays are usually my do nothing days But I also wanted to get myself and the kids out the house and knew that the Barnes and Noble’s down the street had library story time so that’s how our day started…but because I knew the weather would be just a little cooler I figured it would be the best day to go ahead and take the kids to the zoo since WE, yes we, have been wanting to go. We had such an amazing time!!! it was packed but Momma was able to maneuver/ bob and weave that double stroller through the crowds. I ended up getting a workout in having to haul them up many hills to get from one place to another but because of all of the excitement the adrenaline was high. 

So glad for my conditioning that I put myself through because I can definitely say we would not have been able to get to a lot of Places and see a lot of animals that day!!

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