Balloon Exercise

Your core is your center of gravity, strength base. Basically, if your core is weak and unstable it makes it pretty difficult to do a lot of other tasks correctly, or cause discomfort.

One exercise you can do throughout the day that DOES NOT REQUIRE anything extra, only time and a little concentration- NO ONE would even know you are practicing. You can do this ANYWHERE, lying on your back, or in a standing or seated position.

As you softly exhale (blow out), draw your belly button towards your spine, tightening as you do it. Once your belly button has drawn in as much as it can, hold it for a 2 count (“1- 1,000, 2-1,000”), then slow relax.

This acts as a core exercise that teaches you how to initiate your core muscles all while helping in aid in posture. The more you practice this exercise, the easier it becomes throughout the day, and you may even find yourself easily able to initiate your core muscles when you go through an actual workout.


If you need more help in knowing exactly how it is suppose to feel when doing this exercise- GET A BALLOON! I am serious- Place one hand on your abdomen while you blow into the balloon. You will automatically feel your core initiate (tighten/initiate) as you are blowing.


You don’t have to do reps or sets of this- Just practicing is key!