Back To The Park…A New One & The Taste Taste

Since moving to a new neighborhood I have done my observances of the area and we came across a part that is about seven minutes away from our home and I knew the kids would absolutely love it. The first thing that struck me is all of the green that you see. In the distance you can see A colorful playground. 

Different scenery, a new spot, the kids loved it. They played so much, Bubs even broke into a little sweat. 

And me as a parent, just being in a beautiful part like that elevated my mood. I was excited to be there for you though part just gave us good fives. They had a man-made pond accentuated the park And it was just peaceful and serene. 

When I look for a park for the kids to enjoy, I look for cleanliness, how the playground looks (nothing broken) and if there’s enough area for them to run and play. 

As parents we can choose any park to go to but if that part offers options for the kids as well as the parents, that may be a go to spot for a while. 

Parents, The one key thing I will say if you want to take your kids to the park to keep them active, being looking for a park that includes some activity for YOU as well. 

The park has to keep the kiddos entertained and for YOU, sitting at a bench the entire time ain’t cutting it. 

This particular park that we visited had so much grass area AND a path surrounding the playground, Which allowed me to walk the dog and still keep a safe eye and distance with my kids and niece. 

The New Playground

Being in this new area I’m glad I came across this park and we will visit again. 

What park will you be visiting that will keep both you and the kiddos going?

The bowl of salad 🥗 

As a shared in the past I always try and nutritious and delicious foods into the kids have it but you never try to force them to eat it or it just may never happen. What I do is offer it and explain the benefits of the healthy foods. I have found that all the time the kids have become a custom to it and although they may not agree with the foods I like, they Inquire about it, which is what I want them to do all along. 

Now it is getting to the point where, more often they are willing to at least try it even if they initially turn their nose up to it. After reiterating time and time again, benefits of nutrient dense foods, more and more they try it even if it’s a bite and believe that it will get them stronger as they grow.

I wanted to share this clip because not Only is it hilarious and adorable but I Noticed that although I made this large salad for me they were attracted to it not knowing if they would like it (because it was mine) they wanted to try it. Two different reactions😂
This is sure to make you chuckle 🤭

Taste test



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