Back into the routine

Since I have started back journey back to FIT and I did it with a PLAN and FOCUS, all seems to be coming together. Last week I finally took the step back into the free weight room and I can feel and see a difference already. I am still cautious of certain moves/exercises I do until I feel ready and strong enough to do them. The great key in my strength workout routines is seeing where my weakness are from unilateral and bilateral moves. That’s how I assess what needs to be done and work from there. The Losin’ It program compliments my personal workouts so well and I love it. My exercise routines, as of now, follow on the same days as I teach my program. The last part of my workout, I do a bit of what I am going to take the class through. It actually gets me motivated, pumped up and energized to teach. So at this present time, this is how my plan follows for the next few weeks.


To all my peoples out there on their journey, remember this….Have a PLAN & FOCUS. It will help you tremendously, along the way.