Back at it again……

Back at it again….

This journey I am currently taking is too familiar as the journey I took in 2014. March 15th, 2016, was the day the doctor told me I was lifted of all restrictions! To hear that was like music to my ears. From the time I found out that I was having another baby up until 17 weeks, I was restricted from any exercise. The first 3 months of pregnancy are the most crucial as the baby develops. In the very first ultrasound, at 6 weeks, an implantation bleed was found which caused a hematoma. So every 2 weeks I was scheduled to have an ultrasound to check to make sure the baby was ok and if the hematoma was shrinking. At around 10-11 weeks I was told I would have to be put on bedrest, couldn’t lift my daughter and just sit, because it appeared the hematoma had gotten larger. By the 12th week when I went to do a follow up, the hematoma was gone! I still kept it easy for the sake of the baby and I. Now for anyone who knows me, fitness is a part of me. Watching others workout made me want to get up and do some jumping jacks or something! However, I knew this was an important sacrifice for the precious baby growing. At my 14 week check -up the ultrasound concluded that I had a small hematoma on the placenta where the baby gets nourishment. However, the location of the hematoma was not of any danger, nor was the size, but for the next 3 weeks until I saw the doctor again, I kept it low key (sitting pretty much). Rewinding back, my husband and I firmly believe the morning sickness I had 6-15 weeks of the pregnancy, could be the culprit in the hematomas. I had forceful gagging (dry heaving) that put a lot of emphasis on my stomach. Once the gagging subsided, I finally felt like a normal person again and the hematoma disappeared.

Now that I’ve been lifted of all restrictions and the baby is growing healthy and looks great, I am back to what I knew from my other pregnancy, when I was carrying my baby girl…..SWIMMING!!! Today was my first day back in the pool. During my pregnancy I call swimming my aqua therapy. I feel sooooo good doing something and trying to keep myself mobile. I know it’s the safest path for me to take at this point for myself and the baby. Getting both cardio and resistance in one you can’t go wrong with that! During the 6 to 15 week down time, I could definitely feel my body taking a toll of not being able to do much, since I am so use to moving around and/or working out.

I have more than anything learned patience and perseverance. I take it one day, one step at a time. Another beautiful blessing awaits in late summer, so mommy will be preparing herself the best I can for that day!

Combination photos of 5 weeks of being back in the pool
4/21/16 I have completed the 6th week of swimming. When I initially started back, that first workout I did 10 laps. Today I completed 22 laps!