Around the world

Tuesday Treadmill Around the world exercise

This is my last week to step it up just a bit before I teach the Losin’ It Program. Today I chose to do an around the world routine I learned years ago from the HIT Center, I use to work at (they called the routine Directional).

I find this exercise great not only for cardio/stamina, but for footwork/strength, body awareness, and muscular endurance.

The purpose of this exercise isn’t about speed, but moreso about incline. The higher you go the more your stamina/endurance and strength is tested.

Knowing that I can perform this routine at a comfortable 3.0mph, that’s about how fast I’ve always gone with this routine.  Completing one full turn equals one set.  I did 6 total sets, starting the first set at 4% grade and went up a % each set. The last 2 sets were completed at 8%.

This routine can be done by time (on each set) or by count. I chose to count my reps for each direction. 25 reps on side, 25 reps each backwards and 25 reps the other side. Turning forward I would walk approx. 30 seconds for rest before I began the next set. I was definitely feeling it by the 4th set.

I focused on keeping my core tight, to help aid in keeping my balance. I also focused on keeping my hips square in the direction I was facing to keep form.

It was a great workout!