Another year

Omg how they are growing😭

Both just celebrated their birthdays, Bub’s turning 3 and Rey turning 5!🥳

Observing and listening to parents whose children have already gone through this stage, I am learning and preparing myself. That’s why my health and fitness journey is so important because I know how active they are now and how much more active they will be. I will have to be prepared for it as they continue to grow and connect with certain things in and out of school. My husband and I want to be as involved as we can by doing what we can for our health to be able to continue to see them grow. I believe it’s a responsibility for us to do so. If we as their parents, allow our health to deteriorate because of other priorities, we are going to be in trouble! If there is anything we can do that’s within our capabilities to be healthy and model it.

It’s been a true pleasure already in these five years to see our beautiful babies develop. As we go for another year, I pray for continued growth, good health, strength, and protection over them.

Look out world, cause here they come!



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