Another way to track your progress! Don’t let the scale be the determinant…



4Star Just Do It: For those who are looking to see results through their health and exercise journey, there are MANY ways of tracking your progress. One I suggest doing to track progress is taking before/present/after pictures. You dont need to show anyone…hide them if you want…but if youre doing what youre supose to as far as being consistent through your journey, take those still pictures out and see how far you have come. We see ourselves everyday and physcologically think there is no change and tend to be hard on ourselves about it. With those pictures you can VISUALLY see the progress. An example I posted a while ago in May was my moms progress through her journey. As much as she denied seeing anymore progress, I had to prove to her that she was still making that progress. I pulled her Breast cancer walk pic from last year that I had taken of her, and put this years breast cancer walk pic right next to each other, and her eyes got big followed by a huge smile. She saw it and I knew she did. PROGRESS AND PROOF right in the picture!



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