Another Season Of Change

Another season of change

I believe each season brings golden nuggets you just have to be willing to search for them whether by hearing or seeing it. You have to be intentional about. I believe the Lord places Golden Nugget in every season for us to be motivated, encouraged, and inspired even through the struggles and challenges we experience in a season. 

I have learned that knowing struggles, with every season you must look and search for those golden nuggets.

I am a Fall baby and when the fall season arrives I get all in my feels and feel motivated because the Golden Nugget that I look for is the change of colors the Lord makes and the feel of cooler weather, invigorates me. It literally inspires me to change for the better for myself.  

My workouts have revv’d up just from the energy I get from the new season. 

I know the fall season is a short one and the winter quickly follows after and tends to be a rough one but one thing I know this time around is to enter into a new season with gratitude and in search of golden nuggets to help me in a season of change for the better and not the worse. 

On a documentary I watched featuring Dawn Stanley,a WNBA Star and Champion she said something profound in an analogy with puzzles that I thought could “fit” so well with LIFE and the seasons of change. I took it as a golden nugget for me. 

She said “building from the ground up, It’s frustrating and gratifying because Puzzles can really overwhelm you. The moment you put one piece together with another it makes you keep coming back to complete the puzzle 🧩”

Every season is different for a reason and every season that we are blessed to enter into we have the opportunity to put the pieces together.

Stay healthy and stay blessed y’all. ♥️



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