Another meal of goooodness

I’m a pretty simple gal, so what I share on my Nutritious and Delicious board won’t be extravagantly different UNLESS I see and try something totally new, or I feel is worth sharing for the good of my 4Star people!

I like to stay consistent. I know what I like. If I get bored, I know how to keep the meals the same, yet change it up a bit. If I’m see results, ain’t no need in changing the game plan!

Trust me, I wasn’t like this back in the day. Eating snow peas, asparagus or zucchini etc…uh no, I was a cauliflower/broccoli only chic. But I opened up my horizon to a variety of other healthy choices, and I’m glad I did!

I suggest the same for YOU!

Find meals that work for YOU…make creative choices, switch up the taste buds when needed.

This is one of my fav and healthy go-to meals during the week.

I have started shopping back at Aldis…don’t know why I stopped in the past, but glad I am back there!

I fell in love with their small boxes of quinoa. My favorites are the basil/garlic mix and rosemary.


Red/White Quinoa mix with tomatoes
Veggies please!! Snow peas, zucchini, squash, onion, bell peppers cooked with EVO. Still gotta keep the slight crunch to them!
Complete meal with the Blackened Salmon (Salmon was baked for 20 min at 375*)