Active Kid Toys

Does anyone remember this?

My moms generation called it The Footsie

My generation we called it The Skippet

The now generation, I have no clue what they call it, but either way it’s the same thing!!

A good friend got what I like to call the “Active Fun pack” for Reygan, for her birthday. Reygan was soooo excited to use it all, but The Skippet caught her attention the most.

For parents looking for something to add more value to your kids play time, consider looking for a “Active Fun Pack!” Not only can you take this along with you if you take your kids to the playground, but if you dont feel like going, they can use this right in the front yard! I’ve done it plenty of times and the kids still enjoyed themselves.

These particular toys you see act as a means for fun and play but they also play a major role in keeping a kid active! This can be both outdoor AND indoor!

Rey especially loves the “Skippet” Because she sees how long she can do it for by the time she’s done she is wore out LOL

Get it!



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