This is how I describe it to clients. You have three layers. The superficial layer, the middle layer and the inner layer. The superficial layer is the subcutaneous fat, the middle layer is muscle and the inner layer is your skeletal frame.

Depending on the consistency and discipline in nutrition and fitness aspects of your journey will dictate body composition. 

I’ve heard some people say “ I have no muscle!” Oh yes you do, it’s just time to activate it! The muscle has always been there it’s just been dormant. 

I preferably like to use the word activate instead of toning. The more you activate muscle, which is the middle layer, the closer it draws to your skeletal frame (3rd layer). 

Through a healthy and supportive nutrition and exercise, you can actually begin having a 2 layer instead of 3 layers. 

When muscle becomes activated it helps in the process of removing the 1st layer, and then comes the reveal of a more “toned” look.

In order to really tone/activate any part of your body you have to apply load to it Which would cause the body to create a response to that. Now granted if form is not correct or lacking bodyweight exercises are always the go to before adding any additional weight. Bodyweight exercises will help set the foundation for form but also at least in the beginning create a response for your body to react to just from working off of your body weight. However that only last for so long. If you are looking for continued results in toning and shaping your body you will have to buy more load to it. The important thing is that you can still maintain your form in those exercises as you add additional weight. 

When you add additional weight to a certain exercise, your Muscles have to activate just enough to withstand that load. That’s when the process of reshaping your body happens. 

If you are in that phase of your journey where you are really trying to shape up your body, know it’s not gonna happen with cardio, it’s going to happen when you pick up weights 💪🏽

Get ready to ACTIVATE!!!



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