We can be expressive people. I have found that now that the kids are old enough to hold a conversation, I ask them, if it’s possible to act it out or show me what they are saying. I’ve found it productive for them physically AND mentality because it can have them express on both ways in how they explain things. They really get into it!

show their super speed

My husband and I have been doing this recently and I love it!

My kids have been acting like superheroes (thus the cape Rey is wearing) So I asked what kind of super power they had and they wanted to be super fast shooting from one room to the other. So one “quick” game I had them act out their power was to see how long it would take to get from The bottom of the steps to the top and this was the result. I felt that it wasn’t enough for them just to tell me what superpower they had but to show it and I really think for their little minds they felt empowered to show it. It shows in their smile and reactions. 

 In the same night, We found a toy chick 🐥 from Easter, Once you wind it up it hops around the floor. Our son was so intrigued that he started telling us what it was doing so we asked him to act out what the chick was doing and the kids joined in. 

We got them being active!

Act it out!



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