Abs and Squats Routine

My Thursday Workout Routine I made simple with just two exercises guaranteed to make me sweat and give challenge. Here’s how it went;

I started off with a 5 minute jog on the treadmill

Grabbed a BOSU and did 2 non-stop sets of BOSU Squats followed by BOSU Plank Kickbacks (as seen in the video below)

From there, I took my workout into the free weight room.

I essentially did 7 total sets of Squats and abs. The object of my workout was focused on the Squats. Each new set I increased the Kettlebell weight by 5lbs. Instead of Plank Kickbacks, I did Knee Ups on the Captain’s Chair.

ALL SETS/REPS… 10. Little rest in-between.

First 2 sets were Bodyweight Squats, then the next set started at 10lbs and worked my way up to 25lbs.

You can do this with a partner too!! One of my good friends jumped in with the workout. While I did the squats, she did the Knee Ups and then we switched until all sets were completed!