About 4Star Services


All 4Star Fitness programs are designed for longevity and sustainability of a healthy LIFEstyle. It is not for the get quick/overnight results.

4Star Fitness stands on a firm foundation to live a healthy sustainable journey rather than get quick results that can only be maintained temporarily.

Being healthy and HAPPY is what we should all strive for because once you know what healthy feels like, it is something you do not take for granted.

COVID-19 Message from 4Star Fitness!


I love training clients in person, which would be my number 1 choice. However, since COVID striked in 2020 it did a 360 in how I provided services. There have been disadvantages, but also advantages to having to go 100% virtual. I have more flexibility in my schedule to work with more clients which is what I want to do. Be available for my clients.

Although circumstances have changed, one phrase I heard, I will always share because it brings a lot into perspective. “We may all be in the same storm, but we all are in different boats. We are all coping and navigating through this storm the best we can.

4Star virtual services will be my responsibility to ensure the safety and health of each client I work with through all of this! My virtual training packages and At-home 4Star Fit Book Program are just what you need to achieve your goals.