About 4Star Services


All 4Star Fitness programs are designed for the hard working class women’s longevity and sustainability of a  healthy LIFEstyle. It is not for the get quick/overnight results.

4Star Fitness stands on a firm foundation to have women live a healthy sustainable journey rather than get quick results that can only be maintained temporarily.

Being healthy and HAPPY is what we should all strive for because once you know what healthy feels like, it is something you do not take for granted.

COVID-19 Message from 4Star Fitness!


The year 2020 came and when it did it came hard and unexpectantly, throwing a lot of curveballs.

Each of us have had to make changes in our lives because of 2020. We experienced hurt, pain and loss, but we also experienced some learning and growth experiences as well.

I once read, we may all be in the same storm, but we all may be in different boats. We have all been going through this COVID-19 storm at different paces.

I do not want this storm to be a barrier as to why you can’t move forward and succeed.  My virtual training packages and At-home 4Star Fit Book Program is just what you need to achieve your goals.

The VALUE of 4Star Fitness Virtual Training Packages


This service is perfect for the hard working class women who need the flexibility, accountability, motivation and support! As long as she has a tablet, phone or PC, we are good to go!


Communication- It is a great effective tool in relationship building during a program. It allows for me to use vital information to formulate a well rounded fitness and nutritional guided program. Working together and setting a foundation can create a motivational and positive environment.  I am bringing nothing but positive vibes and energy her way!


Virtual Packages are great because you are not restricted to one location to get your training.


Virtual sessions are performed through zoom to allow visual capabilities, ensure questions are answered and exercises/form are being performed effectively and appropriately.


I truly believe that with any 4Star program, in order to be successful, the foundation should be built on teamwork to ensure work is being done on both ends for results to be achieved through any health and fitness journey.

So go a head ladies, sign up for a package and get ready to Make it Right and get it Tight!!