A Step back and a Come back with Perspective

So on Wednesday I had a minor step back- Getting myself ready to leave out the house for work I slipped and fell, turning my ankle as I fell fast and hard. I laid there for about a good 5 minutes grabbing my ankle. I was so scared I might have broke it or sprained it badly. Although I did not hear a pop, it sure did not feel good. To make matters worse, it was my foot I had surgery on years ago, and had 2 screws placed in.

When I was finally able to get up into a 4 point position (hands and knees) I crawled around, and then started to perform a few tests on my ankle I learned back in college for Sports Medicine. Thankfully I was able to move it and finally bear weight. I was shook up but was stable enough I could go to work. Before I left out of the house, I walked slowly over to the closet and pulled out something I used almost a year ago, and thought I would not have to use again…. THE BOOT. Thoughts started streaming through my head…What am I going to do now? this is going to slow me down, how am I going to do my normal routine things, be a functional mom??? I felt like I was taking a step back having to put the boot on, and all the bad memories of having to wear it again. However, over all of those negative thoughts, I had to switch my thinking quick. I needed to take precautionary measures and make that decision for myself to go ahead and wear this boot throughout the day (no I did not drive in it LOL).

When I got to work I had a Physical Therapist take a look at it, by this time it had started bruising, but fortunately the therapist thought it was a possible sprain and a great idea that I had the boot- I iced it just about all day at work that day. The first couple days it hurt like hell to the point I finally could not bear weight and I know it was due to swelling. I told myself if it did not get any better I would see my doctor. I stayed IN TUNED with my body and told myself I would not act like superwoman. I followed the RICE method (Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate) faithfully. Miraculously Friday afternoon, I had been able to walk on it like nothing ever happened. However, I am WAY more cautious in what I am doing, especially my steps. I pay more attention. LOL- After rolling an ankle you can’t help but be more cautious.

MOMENT TO PAY ATTENTION: It wasn’t until I realized Saturday morning that I got my wake up call about this surprising event that happened to me Wednesday. That morning when I got ready to head to work, I was running late because I had a meeting to attend. In my mind I thought I was taking my time BUT, I knew I had a little more pep in my step than usual.  Maybe I needed to slow down? Either way, the thought came to me, NOTHING is that important that I may jeopardize myself, and my family. Maybe it was a step back that I needed to realize my come back at a different perspective.  I remember reading a book that stated, never make important decisions when you are tired. I think this also applies to never make important decisions when you are tired, stressed, and/or pressed for time.

Its a good lesson learned to me and could be to you too. Be more aware, and slow down in actions. To add,  I am thankful I put my pride aside and grabbed that boot and put it on. It helped tremendously. Although I hated the fact that a huge bulky boot would make me feel and look a bit awkward again, it did more in a couple days than had I not chose to wear it and probably would have ended up in a doctors room. There has been NO exercise, just time to heal and relax, but I am feeling way better! Thank you Jesus.


Be easy 4Stars!!