A GREAT Friend and sister

Embrace The Process

This past week I fell into a rut and I just didn’t have the motivation like I had the previous week, where I was pretty consistent with my nutrition and workouts…this week I craved Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream…which I ended up getting, and only put in 2 workouts during the week. UGH…but hey, I embrace it because that’s life and keep moving forward.

We all through these bouts, but how do we get ourselves back into the swing of things and back on track? What is it that will get us back into focus mode? All it takes is some good news that you truly appreciate and are grateful for that makes you change your attitude for the best and really feel good from the inside out.

Well let me tell ya something, the Lord knows just how to do it, and He did it through a phone call blessing. I received a message from someone who I have been calling sister for a while now. One of my best friends, Keana! We were freshman roommates in college, and since then a group of our other sisters have been inseparable. To call someone a bestie and sister and TRULY mean it, is a blessing in itself. We all respect each other and do what’s right.

Keana and her family were going to be in my city and wanted to meet up.
That’s all it took for me! To know she would be here and we got to see each other, lifted my spirits. We may only get to see each other once a year if that, due to all of us having families and a busy schedule, but we always make sure we try to make time for one another….AND THIS IS ONE OF THOSE TIMES!

This is just what I needed to kick myself back into gear for this coming week!



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