4Star Health and Fit Tip-

Habit Check Up

For many, they follow this pattern of habit and it links directly as to why change they want to see is not happening. 

It’s one thing to know your habits but it’s another to know and understand where these habits are stemming from. 

A lot of habits are formed based off of life circumstances- just to name a few: having young children, crazy work schedule, traditions, relationships etc etc. 

When it comes to choosing to step into a journey of a healthier lifestyle, habits have to be reviewed and most times revamped. 

Habit check up? Yes! You have to go to the stem of that habit. What causes you to have that habit and why? Does your habits look like this?

Write down the “stems” of your not so supportive habits. 

Once you’ve pinpointed the stem (s), how can you change it to create better supportive habits?

You will unlock answers to help you along in your journey!!

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