Set yourself up for success and Schedule your 4Star Fitness programming with Crystal now!

This is the beginning to setting your foundation.

What does the 4Star DIY package include?

You will be set up and become equipped with nutrition and fitness goals, fitness videos, goals and habits, check in messaging, fitness tracking   and more!

How you are set up for your success:

1st appointment: Online Initial Fitness consultation with Crystal

The consultation will consists of a series of questions falling under the categories of What, When, Where, Why and How. All pertaining to goal setting, physical activity, nutrition, expectations, any limitations. Once the foundation is set, Crystal will build a personalized 4Star Fitness Plan that will allow YOU to confidently and independently workout on your own, whether it be from home or in a gym setting.

Crystal will also help in creating baseline measurements so you can track progress.

2nd Appointment: A scheduled Online personal training session where Crystal will review and guide you through the Fitness Plan she has created for you. Crystal will review form/technique to ensure you are performing the exercises correctly.

In this session, feel feee to ask any follow questions from initial consult.

Once the second appointment is complete you are now on your way!

Although you will now, at this stage, be able to follow the fitness plan independently, Crystal will be in contact weekly to encourage, motivate and educate using the fitness app provided for you to track your workouts and progress.

Let’s go!