@ 34 weeks- Something to say!!


On the left is Tuesday, July 12th, and the day I transitioned into my 34th week of pregnancy…on the right is today, Thursday July 14th @ 34 weeks.

My doctor’s appointments have been great. Great blood pressure readings, no swelling, and most of all, baby boy is looking good. I am a happy momma!

On another note, I must say this pregnancy has deemed comical when in conversation with others. I can say within the last month, I get stopped at least 5 times a day to ask when I am due, or just “the look” I get. There are about 8 other women in my work association who are pregnant and due relatively around the same time either July, August or early Sept. Lol

3 of the 8 I have personally been around within the last few weeks. 2 of them, we are a week a part in our due dates. I say all that because, as cliché as it sounds, some people don’t seem to understand that EVERY WOMAN carries their pregnancy different than another. For ME, people would term, “ALL BABY”. This is my 2nd pregnancy and I can say I held WAY differently with my daughter than I am with my baby boy, as well as feel a difference. So in saying that, my pregnancy may seem to show to others what they perceive than what it actually is. I have NO control on how big, what the size of my stomach will look like. The purpose is for the baby to GROW as you progress in a pregnancy, correct??!! What I do have control over in my pregnancy is how I eat and keep myself conditioned to prepare for that day its time to have my baby.

Because it has happened so often now, I already KNOW when someone is going to stop and say something. LOL

The funniest comment/question I’ve heard is, “When are you going to POP?”- I’m like, pop? is that what pregnant women do?? Lol

The more irritating is when someone looks at you and their eyes get big. They ask when I’m due, yet when you tell them, they refute it and tell ME when THEY think I’m due based off what my stomach looks like. I have seemed to put a halt to that conversation by saying, “Only the Lord knows when it’s time for my baby to come”- After that, no response…

Sometimes I just have to be sarcastic….Lol

All that matters to me is that my baby and I are healthy, happy and blessed!!

I am reminded of an article I saw a while back, where a photo went viral of two friends standing tummy to tummy- both pregnant, about a month a apart, but look TOTALY different. Check out the link below (or copy and paste the link below)