Not the scale…

If your only concern through your health & fitness journey is what the scale says…you will be doing yourself a disservice.

Your body responds so uniquely depending on what route you go in your journey. NO ONE can see the changes made internally that go on, but can definitely SEE or FEEL the changes.

So if the scale is showing something you don’t agree with yet you can see and feel a POSITIVE┬áchange, then the scale should not have the final say in your performance through your journey.

You can weigh a certain number in the beginning of your journey…make it right, get it tight during your journey and still be somewhat relative to the weight you started out with. WHY? Your body composition has now fluctuated. The fat to muscle ratio has changed, therefore if you started out with more fat and less muscle, but now you have more muscle and less fat, the scale could still show the same numbers! However, you could have a less body fat percentage even if the scale number isn’t what you wanted it to be.


So again, I wouldn’t put all your marbles in one bag dealing with the scale! Just sayin’…