21 day Spiritual Fast complete!

I started January 7 with this spiritual fast strong and I and it strong. Nothing about this fast was focused are targeted on trying to change anything about me physically.

I prayed more, spent more time with my family, had way less distractions, stayed focused, and drink more water every single day.

My take from this 21 day fast is a revelation for me that if you just slow down more throughout your day and take the time to listen the guide, take time to talk to him, just take time to be more present he can and will reveal what has to be done in your life. Just from me drinking water every single day more than 67 ounces I felt like I was purifying my body from the sweets and juice beverages I was consuming almost every day prior to the fast beginning. Not only did it purify my body but also my mind I feel so much more energetic and mentally more aware. It’s amazing what increasing your water intake can do for you!



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