2019- Put yourself through a challenge

As 2019 approaches think about something you need to change that will make YOU a better and healthier person.

What is it that keeps you from reaching a goal you have always wanted?

If you have a huge goal you want to achieve, dissect it and take it one step at a time.


Some of my clients will begin another 4 week challenge January 2nd and focus on things that they need want to see happen by the end of the 4 weeks. What is that? All their goals are different. Some need to MOVE and exercise more. Some need to throw the junk out of theirĀ  house, and others, its simply drinking more water or eating out less.


Think about what you need to do to improve and make 2019 the best for YOU!


I will be going on a 21 day fast- choosing certain things that distract me the most and try to distance me from having the best relationship I can have with God. I want to have a HEALTHY strong start going into 2019 and I want YOU to, too! Lets make it happen!!