2019, 21 Day Fast…New Year, New Perspective

Beginning January 7th I will begin a 21 day fast regarding my church. The purpose of this goal is to take a temptation/distraction and replace it will scripture and intimacy with God. I have never done a fast like this before

I am so ready for this. I have a couple things I will be fasting so I can focus on what God is calling me to do. Anytime the opportunity comes each year for a fast, one of my fast is anything that contains sugars/sweets/juice. That is a weakness and temptation of mine. I have done a similar fast like this where I took out juice/sweets, but I was destined to prove to God I was strong mentally to refrain from it, however honestly I didn’t feel like I was connecting closer to God. I was missing an important aspect. THIS TIME, replacing scripture everyday with things that are not of importance to the life God gave me, I truly believe will allow me to intentionally draw more intimacy with God and reveal His purpose in me as I go through 2019.

Mental, physical, emotional, spiritual clarity!!


I have weighed myself, measured myself:chest, waist, and hip measurements, and a front and side photo. I am ready to see the physical change happen within me, but more importantly allow God to do His work within me that can become a TOTAL mind and body transformation!!



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