I have been away from my “Life as it is” for just a little as the holidays rolled around. Honestly, there was a lot of procrastination on my part, but I got the job done. Lol-

I hope the last couple of videos I have posted have helped most of you who have been exercising or have taken that step to incorporate exercise in their normal routine.


One thing that has been on my mind that I wanted to say which targets those who have gone on an exercise/nutrition plan and felt they “failed” and have tried and tried before and never could find the success….

I have known people who have told me stories of them putting in so much work and yet they didn’t see the results. To put  it into perspective, it was either because they were putting so much focus on one aspect of the health/fitness journey and not the other (exercise or nutrition)  OR they truly weren’t ready to put in all the commitment it took to accomplish their goals.

When I look closer into it, I found that it was a combination of both. People were focusing more on exercise and not nutrition (or vise versa), and they weren’t staying consistent with it, therefore, to them, what they were hoping for didn’t work. Yet, they would sign up for some diet plan, follow it closely and consistently and drop weight and say it finally worked. When I hear that, that’s just a testament that WHEN YOU’RE READY mentally and physically, you WILL do what is needed to see success.

Now with that being said, what you did in the past, doesn’t necessarily mean you didn’t try or it didn’t work, you just weren’t ready to the full extent to make it work. If you can see results from staying consistent with just exercise, imagine what you’re results would be if you teamed up doing the same with your nutrition?!!


The key is being consistent. Your mind and body have to become accustom to the routine(s) you place on it. Stopping, going, stopping and going will not work. Give yourself a chance and take time. You are worth it. How would you feel if someone didn’t take the time and investment on you, always rushing you? That’s how are bodies feel when we don’t give it the time. Give quality through it all.