Success vs. Significance

What a great opportunity and blessing it was this weekend got a chance to talk to one of my clients who is going back into their health and fitness journey once again, to get back what they lost and that is their strength and perserverence as we were training it was so easy for them to stop and I totally understood that.
The beginning is always the hardest but that was a great opportunity for me to remind them that that is what’s going to happen but the only way to succeed and get back to where they once were was to push past those challenges that was the only way they would get better. if we allow the mind To tell us what our limits are then we will stop short of our success every time. We need to recalculate our mind thought process when challenges come our way that’s when we need to push our hardest.

The other great blessing that occurred was the chance to hear Tony Dungy speak at our church today and hear him talk about the difference of success and significance. not only did he share that meaning to his experiences in the NFL & life experiences but he tied it all straight out of the Bible. it was very profound.
Another seed water in my heart that I can take along with me I hope everyone has a blessed week ahead!TonyDungy